Technique: Rapidograph
Dimensions: 18x14 cm
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In the painting "Winter" by Dovilė Pakštienė, a stark black and white landscape unfolds under an immensely detailed, swirling sky. Grounded by a foreground of heavily textured mountains and a forest of coniferous trees, the scene conveys a crisp, cold winter environment. The mountains are blanketed in snow, which also caps the dense forest, giving a sense of quiet and stillness, typical of a snowy landscape. Above, the sky is dominated by an intricate, swirling pattern, evoking a feeling of movement and intensity, possibly representing the blustering winds or snowfall of winter. The dynamic contrast between the detailed sky and the tranquil land below provides a powerful visual impact, emphasizing the serene yet formidable nature of winter.


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The young creator sensitively expresses the connection between transcendent spiritual life and the human being. She emphasizes the natural, often instinctive desire to be closer to the truth. Metamorphic and meditative elements in her work remind some ontological images, landscapes.

The works are about existence itself, using abstract motifs as if they were premonitions of what is near, but often invisible to the eye.
In paintings and drawings, the images are often multi-layered, reminiscent of visions or hints that are not fully expressed.

"When working I feel like pulling something out of a fog. Piece by piece, layer by layer... Images on paper emerge slowly. A stroke, a line, a tone, a stronger or weaker pencil stroke... everything matters here. The process of creation requires me to come back again and again, to stay, to see what I haven't seen before. It's like imprints of being in me that take time to emerge on paper. My task is to pull them out of the darkness and into the light, to make them at least a little more visible."