Sounds And Colors Of Spring

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 50x100 cm

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The painting presents a dreamlike vision of spring where nature and abstraction blend elegantly. At the forefront, delicate willow trees, with their slender trunks and cascading branches, frame the view, their undulating leaves appearing almost like brush strokes against the sky. These trees, painted with realistic detail, reach upwards and outwards, dancing lightly in what one imagines to be a soft spring breeze.Behind these trees, an abstract and colorful scenario unfolds, characterized by swirls of pink, blue, and white hues creating overarching loops that dominate the middle ground. These loops recall the shapes of fantastical clouds or surreal sonic waves that radiate across the canvas, intertwining with the natural elements. The painting depicts these forms with a soft gradient of tones, enhancing the ethereal and otherworldly atmosphere.Inhabiting this painted world, several birds, possibly swallows, are depicted in motion. Their silhouettes flutter elegantly between the layers of trees and colored swirls, adding life and dynamic movement to the scene. The background features a pale blue sky, possibly tinged with the light of dawn or dusk, which subtly grades into the vibrant abstract elements and ties the composition together.Overall, the painting evokes the vibrancy and vitality of spring through a blend of detailed natural imagery and abstract, emotive color play, suggesting not just the sight but the very sound and spirit of the season.


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"Art is very important to me. Life is an ocean of infinite colours, and I draw from them and, transforming them through my own prism, represent them on canvas. Sometimes I intuitively follow the brush's guidance, and sometimes I combine the conscious and subconscious dance of the brush. The quest for creativity is a constant companion, because painting is not only a form of expression for me, but also a form of communication and development. My canvases reflect a metaphysical world, where reflections of real objects, i.e. various architectural fragments and natural details, and human figures, i.e. angels and other characters, find a place. With these elements and figures I want to convey the relationship between people and the environment. Their representation in the paintings expresses hope and faith. It is like a promise that everyone's existence is meaningful, that their inner world is of infinite value if they have aspirations and move towards the light. My aim is to paint because the process is the most interesting, and if something else interests me, then I am happy. I am happy to exhibit my work because I love people and I want to share my work with others.

When I paint on the theme of architecture, I try to convey the atmosphere of the place. The change of colours, lines and shapes in the painting creates a synergistic relationship, like a dance. Static architectural elements merge with the dynamism of natural objects, creating an image like a memory that emerges. Plastic brushstrokes create a textural quality to the work, thus expressing the pulse of expression and life. Each painting is like a visualised musical melody for me, so I want the work to be ephemeral, cosy, and to give me light and good emotions."