From the cycle "Levitations"

Technique: Mišri technika - medis
Dimensions: 9x6 cm
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The painting depicts two figures, one in the foreground and another slightly faded in the background, both appearing to be in a state of levitation or movement. The figure in the foreground is vividly detailed and shaded, giving a strong sense of muscle definition and dynamic motion. This figure looks as if caught in the middle of a powerful dance move or a leap, with one leg bent at the knee and the other extended backward. The arms seem to be raised in a way that suggests either balance or expression. The face of this figure is turned slightly towards the viewer, adding a direct engagement to the dynamism of the pose. The background figure mirrors the pose of the foreground figure but appears more ethereal and less defined, almost ghost-like, suggesting movement or a shadowy echo. The use of bluish and soft gray hues for this figure contrasts with the darker, more solid tones of the foreground, enhancing the sense of depth and the illusion of one figure trailing the other in the same motion across time or space. The texture of the painting adds to its visceral quality, with thick paint strokes that give the artwork a tactile sense of raw energy and motion. The background is minimally detailed, focusing all attention on the interaction and parallelism of the two figures suspended in action.


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Skaistė Verdingytė belongs to the middle generation of artists and has been an active member of the Lithuanian art community for more than a decade.

In her work, you will immediately notice an element that is very important in art, but in contemporary art has been undeservedly relegated to the second, if not the third, place - strong drawing. And its mastery is, of course, best revealed in the nude.

The artist herself says that drawing people from life is the basis of her work. But this drawing is far from being dry - the artist is concerned with the relationship of the human being to the space around him or her, with revealing inner states through the body. Notice how often the figure is almost merged with its surroundings, either transparent as if it were not a body but a soul, or echoing a nearby ornament. The transparent figures in the background of the landscape seem to indicate harmony with nature, but the blending with the wall pattern can already be interpreted in the opposite way, as a longing for freedom and the same nature. Nevertheless, the human body remains sacred here, as the most perfect creation, worthy of admiration.  And, of course, alongside the realistic drawing, the surrealist elements are very well suited, as if awakening from that haunting dream of reality.  

Absolutely exceptional works in the context of contemporary painting, enjoy and rethink!

The artist is a member of the Monumentalist Section of the Lithuanian Artists' Union. Since 2006 she has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union's "Secret Drawers Society" (a human life drawing studio).

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member