Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 70x100 cm

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The image showcases a vibrant and colorful abstract painting filled with clusters of overlapping dots and strokes in a multitude of bright hues. The composition pulsates with shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, creating a dynamic mosaic that resembles a densely packed garden or a thick, lively foliage. The application of the colors appears spontaneous yet deliberate, suggesting energy and movement, while the lack of a clear focal point allows the viewer's eye to wander freely through the textured surface of vivid, painterly splashes.


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Since 2015, I have been painting with full force, great energy, endless dedication, and organizing exhibitions. I create when I am in an elated state, I depict on canvas everything that is momentarily beautiful, inspiring, that promotes a sense of citizenship or moral values. My paintings are a constant search for new things and changes. The field of interest ranges from figurative works to abstractions. I have created a whole series of abstract large-format works in my own characteristic style.  


I like to be in the wild, to observe nature, especially trees – the changes in the colours of their leaves and the colour palette of the trunk. I am currently painting in the green, blossom-laden Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Nature’s gift to the artist is the opportunity to capture its ever-changing moods and colour patterns.

My paintings are bought by art lovers and collectors from Lithuania, Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, The United States.

The author has held group and solo exhibitions:


2022.07.28–2022.09.11 International exhibition “Gift works” dedicated to The U.S. embassy which is celebrating 100 years of unbroken diplomatic relations between the United States and Lithuania. Art exhibition is at Janina Monkutė-Marks Museum-Gallery, J. Basanavičiaus str. 45, Kėdainiai.


2022.06.28–07.16 Personal exhibition “Mirrors” at Pylimo Gallery, Pylimo str. 30, Vilnius, Lithuania.


2021.11.19–2022.01.08 Personal exhibition “Numbers” at Janina Monkutė-Marks Museum-Gallery, J. Basanavičiaus str. 45, Kėdainiai.


2021.04.06–2021.04.24 Personal painting exhibition “Fields of Dreams” at Pylimo Gallery, Pylimo str. 30, Vilnius.


2020.03.20–04.01 (cancelled due to COVID-19) Personal painting exhibition “Nameless”, Culture Centre “Laiptų galerija”, Žemaitės str. 83, Šiauliai. Instead we organized virtual exhibition on the internet in Art Platform named “Not canceled events”.


2020.02.18 Art event and personal exhibition “Life Full of Colours” at Šv. Mikalojaus str. 11, Vilnius.


 2019.12.20–2020.01.13 Personal painting exhibition “Pigments”, Šiauliai University Gallery, Vilniaus str. 141, Šiauliai.


2019.09.12 Art event and personal exhibition “RED-BLACK” at Šv. Mikalojaus str.11, Vilnius.


2019.04.24–05.18 Group painting exhibition “Winds of Colours II”, Anastazijos and Antano Tamošaičių Gallery “Židinys”, Vilnius, Lithuania.


2019.02.12–03.02 Group painting exhibition “Winds of Colours”, Pylimo Gallery, Pylimo str. 30, Vilnius, Lithuania.


2018.11.03–11.30 Personal painting exhibition, Exhibition Hall of the 5-star Hotel “Miramar”, Barcelona, Spain.


2018.05.16–06.20 Personal painting exhibition, exhibition space of the 5-star “Gran Hotel la Florida”, Barcelona, Spain.


2018.03.19 Art event and personal exhibition, 5 star Hotel “Stikliai”, Vilnius, Lithuania.


2017.04.01–04.30 Group exhibition “Personal Time”, Vilnius Children and Youth Art Gallery, Jūratė Stauskaitė Vilnius Children and Youth Art School, Vilnius, Lithuania.