Lamb of God

Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 24x18 cm
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The painting features a white lamb standing at the center, looking directly at the viewer with a gentle and serene expression. Its fleece appears soft and textured. Behind the lamb, the background is composed of neutral gray and white tones, overlaid with faint, shadowy figures that suggest a deeper, almost ethereal layer. To the left, partially obscured and blending subtly into the background, is a classical figure reminiscent of ancient sculptures, shown in profile. This figure wears what appears to be a headdress or halo, enhancing the sacred or mystical ambiance of the piece. The upper and side edges of the canvas are bordered with bold strokes of red, creating a vivid frame that contrasts sharply with the muted, softer central composition. The deep reds are textured and dynamic, suggesting movement and emotion, which juxtaposes the calm stillness of the lamb. The overall effect is one of tranquility amidst a vibrant, possibly tumultuous outer world, invoking themes of purity and peace.


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Our daily lives "bath" in small details. But we usually go through things without even noticing their secret, without even thinking about how important they are in our lives - they seem banal, elementary and not worth paying attention to ... but ...

I mostly choose chamber compositions for painting, and that doesn’t stop me from showing how many nuances, moods, and shades lie in a small plane or space.

I pay a lot of attention to sacredness, which in one way or another touches almost every one of us ...

In the works, I invite you to feel your stories, discover your fantasy spaces, remember your travels and always be with déjà vu.