Dunescape: memories of an old photo

Technique: Ink, mineral paint, rice paper
Dimensions: 44x67 cm

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The painting depicts a windswept dunescape that appears both serene and expansive. A large sand dune dominates the landscape, curving gently around a body of water visible on the left of the scene. The sky is dynamic, with shades of blue and clusters of soft, white clouds that suggest an overcast, possibly brisk day. The dune itself is rendered in earthy tones of brown and beige, with patches of green vegetation sporadically arising from it, suggesting sparse but resilient plant life.Towards the center and right of the sand dune, five figures are visible, adding a narrative element to the otherwise tranquil scene. The figures seem to be engaged in leisure activities – three are sitting on the slope, perhaps enjoying the view or resting, while two others are walking down a winding path that cuts through the dune, seemingly heading towards the sitting group. The presence of these figures evokes a sense of nostalgia, as if they are echoes of past memories or old photographs come to life within the dune's timeless backdrop.The path travelled by the walking figures adds a dynamic swirl to the composition, drawing the eye across the landscape and emphasizing the vastness of the natural setting. The juxtaposition of human figures against the grandeur of the dune and the wide sky reflects a harmony between people and nature, a theme often romanticized in memory and art.Overall, the painting captures a moment that feels both fleeting and eternal, a snapshot of interaction between human life and the enduring spirit of the natural world.


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Nature paintings inspired by Lithuanian and Eastern landscapes

Ina Loreta Savickienė is a professional artist living and working in Vilnius with a Master's degree in Psychology (Vilnius University). For the author, artistic creation is like a continuation of human studies, only through its relationship with nature. Cognition, which goes along with admiration and active artistic interpretation. 

Ina L. Savickienė seeks to portray the grandeur of nature by depicting real or constructed landscapes, which engage the viewer in contemplation and a sense of harmony. Mountains represent eternity, plant flowers and leaves the beauty and fragility of the moment, flowing water the constant change and transformation. 

Eastern mountain landscapes and Lithuanian motifs of rivers, trees, plains and dunes intertwine in Ina L. Savickė's work, taking on each other's peculiarities and seemingly blurring the boundaries between continents, between different traditions. The author's work invites us to let nature in and thus discover new horizons in our approach to life and ourselves.

Ina L. Savickienė got involved in the practice of painting in 2011 after getting acquainted with the East Asian tradition of sumi-e ink painting in Japan, China and Korea.  The author worked as a psychologist and painted for a long time, but later turned to the path of a professional artist.

She paints with ink, soft brush and mineral paints on rice paper. Most of the works are pasted on foam board, leaving a strip for margins.

Ina Loreta Savickiene was granted the status of artist in 2020.

The author has held 7 solo exhibitions, 7 virtual exhibitions and participated in 7 group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania