Baba Yaga 2

Julija Fokina
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 60x40 cm
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The painting depicts a mystical and eerie scene set in a dense, dark forest. At the center stands a large, ornate gate or door framed by towering trees. The gate appears almost throne-like, with a prominent, arching structure at the top. An owl with wide, piercing eyes and a slightly ominous presence perches at the apex of the arch. In front of the gate, a cloaked figure with no visible face extends its arms outward, as if welcoming or perhaps warning an observer. The cloak is a dull, shimmering blue, cascading down over the figure's form like water or mist. The hands of the figure are pale and appear almost ghostly against the dark backdrop of the forest and the gate. Directly in front of the viewer runs a stone pathway flanked by rough stone slabs, leading up to a small platform where an object resembling a key or emblem stands. The entire scene invokes a sense of deep mythology, shrouded in the mystery and magic of folklore, hinting at themes of guardianship, hidden realms, and the powerful figure of Baba Yaga from Slavic mythology. The atmosphere is thick with enigma and the profound weight of ancient stories.


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"I've been painting almost as long as I can remember. And I was always trying to paint what I couldn't see.

My paintings are an attempt to deal with the human spiritual state, using universal and specific, esoteric symbols. Sometimes they are personality archetypes, sometimes dreams, or part of a fairy tale: illustrations for a story that I discover later or that others see. Women are goddesses, mythical creatures and everything that can be found beyond the gates of the imagination," says the artist.

The most frequent motifs in her work are women/goddesses/fairy godmothers, magical animals, which in one way or another embody people's inner feelings and premonitions, and the stages of life. Their gaze is penetrating and mysterious, and they themselves are almost always enveloped by an unearthly glow. The artist pays a lot of attention to details and symbols that help the viewer to understand the story they tell.