Technique: Mixed technique, paper, 2020
Dimensions: 21x16 cm
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The painting depicts a symmetrical, almost mirror-image composition of a central figure that is surrounded by several symbolic elements. The figure itself appears to be a blend of human and botanical features, with a serene, mask-like face circled by what could be petals or leaves, suggesting connection to nature. This face has a calm expression, with closed eyes and a faint hint of a smile. Above this main face, integrated directly into the figure, a smaller, ornate face or mask looms, exuding an aura of mystique or sanctity, possibly a spiritual or ancestral presence.Radiating from the central figure are multiple feather-like structures that resemble both wings and leaves, enhancing the ethereal quality of the character. These elements could signify freedom or ascension, contributing to a feeling of lightness and upward movement. Darker, organic shapes intermingle with these feather-leaves, forming a kind of celestial, floral arrangement that frames the figure.Beneath the primary visage, connected by a flowing, vine-like line, rests another face, smaller and more clearly defined, suggesting a skull or a second persona, encapsulated within a tear-shaped loop. This might indicate themes of life and death, memory, or legacy being interconnected.Throughout the composition, delicate, almost imperceptible lines and dots create a subtle texture that seems to represent air, wind, or spirit, enveloping the whole scene in a gentle, dynamic environment. This network of lines and marks adds a layer of complexity, suggesting a cosmos filled with minute, unseen forces.


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"Even though I graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in monumental art, I have a lot of graphic qualities in my drawing. I am fascinated by the one-take mirror print of a line and a plant. Each line becomes real and unbreakable. I use transparent paper and reprint the same motif several times. I layer my drawings, pushing them around to get different variations. The milky whiteness, the fogginess of the paper, fascinates me. I survive in the movement, the depth, the surprise. 

C.P. Estés's book 'Running with the Wolves' has become like a bible for me. I open any page and read it. I don't even need consistency. Through myths and fairy tales, I am getting reacquainted with my true self.

By reading and drawing out what comes from within, I try to cultivate self-love, to carve out my own territory, to invite intuition and feminine sense into my life. To tame her, to make friends with her. Sometimes to be a child, sometimes an old woman. Sometimes a hare, sometimes a lion. Sometimes a strong woman and sometimes a girl."

The artist is a member of the Norwegian Artists' Union (NFUK).

She has participated in over thirty group exhibitions in the USA, Norway, Denmark and Lithuania. She has also had three solo exhibitions.