Technique: Ink on paper
Dimensions: 20x25 cm
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Lithuanian Art Gallery Paveikslai.lt
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The artwork presents a botanical scene rendered in finesse, using mainly grayscale tones with selective splashes of red, accentuating particular elements. It features an array of intricately detailed plant illustrations that display varying textures and forms. On the left, clusters of berries hang in a deliberate arrangement showing depth through the overlaps of spherical forms. Adjacent to the berries are onions, delicately depicted, with a focus on their curved and layered structures lying on a splash of red which shapes the composition's central grounding. This bold color underlays part of the onions and extends beneath a variety of flowing leaf designs, contributing a vivid contrast to the somber grays.Toward the right, the leaves expand with an almost ornamental grace, with one large leaf in particular, fanning out elegantly in a manner reminiscent of a peacock's tail feathers. These leaves have sharp, flowing lines that add a dynamic movement, contrasting yet complementing the more static, rounded forms of the berries and onions. Some leaves show veins in a lighter gray, softening their visual weight against the red backdrop. Small sprigs and a flower with thin, spiky petals inject a sense of delicacy amidst the more solid elements.Overall, the composition utilizes a limited color palette and a mix of realism and stylistic abstraction to highlight the natural beauty and variety of forms within the plant kingdom. The artwork is a serene and detailed portrayal of flora, where each element, whether leaf, berry, or bulb, contributes to a harmonized and beautifully balanced visual exploration.


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You are just a pen in the hands of the Creator, drawing the line of your life on a piece of white and sometimes grey paper. It is mostly what you can't see with your eyes, but we are all full of it: experiences, survival, discoveries, wonder, beliefs, ideals, mistakes... and finally the radiance and peace of God himself. Because only when you are calm and open can you truly create. To create a picture, to create a life, to create and re-create your own heart and the heart of another. This is the great mystery and miracle that has befallen us because we are already born, already living. 

Maybe it would be enough just to live, so why am I still painting? 

Probably because of the time that stops when I open the ink bottle, grip the pen tightly, and my hand seems to float by itself, tracing light lines one after the other. Then I can only watch the birth of something new, but at the same time already familiar. Your drawing does not allow you to escape, to invade alien territories, but when you cannot be different, you simply learn to enjoy what is born from your hands. Once it is born, it is no longer just yours. It is just a matter of letting go. 

I have been drawing since I was very young, I graduated from the Alytus School of Fine Arts, I chose the speciality of an architect, I got a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in architecture from VGTU. In 2002-2009 I contributed to the publication of the magazine "Naujas namas", where I worked as editor-in-chief. Currently I live and work in Vilnius. For drawing I mostly use coloured ink, pen and brush.