Technique: Watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 43x56 cm

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This painting delicately captures four quince fruits suspended by strings that have been intricately knotted to form natural, net-like cradles. The fruits, glowing with a warm, amber hue, exhibit smooth, plump surfaces, accented by soft indentations and subtle highlights that suggest a tender, velvety texture. Above each fruit, the strings twist and stretch upwards, disappearing out of the frame, suggesting they are hanging from an unseen point above. The backdrop is a rich, shadowy gradient, varying from deep brown to a foggy gray, emphasizing the quinces in a gentle, almost ethereal spotlight. Scattered small, dry leaves cling to the strings while a few others fall, evoking a sense of autumnal decay. The overall mood is one of rustic elegance and quiet contemplation.


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It is said that art imitates life, but in the works of Arūnas Vilkevičius this imitation is so convincing that it is almost more convincing than reality itself.

Although Arūnas has loved drawing and painting since childhood, he only turned to professional painting a few years ago, but this is just proof of how much can be done and achieved in a relatively short time. The author chose to use watercolour because of subtlety of the technique, but also because of its capriciousness (watercolour, as you know, practically does not forgive the artist's mistakes), in order to make it more challenging.

The artist's work is dominated by motifs of the female body and flowers - themes as delicate as the technique itself. As it requires many hours of work, the artist photographs his models and then paints from the photographs he takes in the studio. Through these subjects, the aim is to reveal the beauty and perfection of nature. Note that the female figures are rarely surrounded by any specific background, except for nature as in In the Flow of Life, which depicts the harmonious relationship between nature and man, while in other nudes they are surrounded by whitish light. The relationship with the human body here is reverent, full of admiration and almost sacred. And the artist paints the flowers not unlike portraits - by singling out one or several blossoms, trying to convey their mood and character.

The author openly admits that although this journey with watercolour is full of fears, trials, searches, conversations, the disappointments with oneself that are very familiar to artists, the search for perfection, it is watercolour that gives fullness to his work and life, the knowledge of oneself and the people and environment around him and the understanding that perfection does not simply exist.

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania