Foggy Day

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 40x40 cm
Year of creation: 2023

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The painting showcases a close-up portrait of a person rendered in a textured, expressionistic style. The individual’s face occupies the majority of the canvas, depicted with an almost serene expression. The eyes are wide and noticeably striking, perhaps suggesting an air of quiet contemplation or distant thought. The face is pale, bordered by what appears to be dark hair highlighted with strokes of varied colors, suggesting a lively, dynamic texture.

The hair is adorned with a bright red bow on one side, offering a splash of vivid color against the darker tones of the hair. Around the neck, the person wears a teal garment, visible through a segmented, geometrically patterned design, somewhat resembling a windowpane or a lattice structure. This portion of the garment is enhanced with decorations that look like small beads or jewels, introducing a sense of delicacy to the overall robust form of the painting.

The background and the person’s attire carry hints of blue and green, infused with other colors that bleed into each other, creating a somewhat foggy and indistinct backdrop. This melding of colors could be emphasizing the title "Foggy Day," lending the image a dreamy, ethereal quality. The vigorous application of paint adds to the textural depth, making the painting dynamic and visually engrossing. The brushwork is loose and heavily textured, giving the piece a tactile sense of emotion and depth.


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Natalia Yanekina's style is so distinctive that she is easily recognisable no matter what genre she chooses. However, perhaps the leitmotif that recurs across all genres is the relationship between man and nature, whether it is a landscape, a still life or a portrait, each one will feature an animal, a bird or a dog, and on the table will be a bouquet of flowers. 

The artist's painting style could be described as lyrical abstractionism - there are few concrete, tangible forms, but there is a sense of nostalgia, a haze of remembrance, a feminine tenderness, despite the sometimes crude manner of painting. The artist is characterised by a distinctive, vivid colour palette, the highlighting and exaggeration of individual elements, and the tasteful, unboring use of patterns and decorative motifs.

Natalia Yanekina was born in 1982 in Kaliningrad and graduated from the M. Maliutinsky Higher School of Art in Ivanovo in 2003. Since 2005 she has been a member of the Russian Union of Artists. Since 2008 she lives and works in Lithuania.