Technique: Oil on canvas, 2015
Dimensions: 130x100 cm

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The painting depicts a stylized, abstract figure resembling a king, seated against a vibrant yellow and green backdrop. The figure is wearing a red crown, topped with a traditional Christian cross, suggesting a regal or maybe even a religious significance. The face is simplistic and primitive in style, mainly in pale pink with hints of blue and white. Notably, the eyes are blue, with one significantly larger than the other, contributing to a quirky, asymmetrical visual.The king is dressed in garments that are eccentric and vividly colored. His attire includes a white robe that appears to be adorned with red cross or orb-like patterns, echoing royal or possibly ecclesiastical vestments. The robe is framed by what seems to be a sash or collar in darker tones of blue and red, adding a contrast that draws attention to the upper body.Each hand of the figure is distinctly colored in black, and they are positioned holding symbolic objects. The right hand appears to be holding a scepter, a classic emblem of sovereignty, while the left hand, more ambiguous, might be holding a globe or an orb, another traditional element symbolizing dominion and control.The bottom section of the painting features the king's legs, widely set apart, covered in red, which might serve to emphasize power or dominance. The surrounding frame is a deep red or maroon, which complements and intensifies the central composition's vividness.Overall, the use of bold, unblended colors and the distorted, almost cubist representation of the figure lends the painting an expressionist feel, focusing on emotional resonation over realistic portrayal. The stark contrasts, dramatic color use, and heavy outlines emphasize the painting's abstract and symbolic exploration of royalty or possibly divinity.


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The most apt description of Roman Averintsev's work is primitive expressionism. His work is characterised by bright, pure colours and a bold, brash undertone that does not try to cover up or mask. Moreover, he often uses the contrasting black outline favoured by Gauguin, one of the first Expressionists. 

The artist's works are born out of a wide variety of everyday experiences and memories, and he can tell a separate story about each of his works. The subjects of his works often reflect impressions from his long journeys and creative explorations. They are not only events, but also people, their relationships and feelings. He tries to reveal what each of them is experiencing and feeling, he is not afraid of being misunderstood, but he wants us to believe in him and empathise with his work.

Since 2004, the artist has participated in professional exhibitions and has had 6 solo exhibitions.

Acrylic, oil, textile

50x60 cm