Lagoon Coast

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 66x80 cm

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The scene unfolds along a vibrant waterside, animated with the rich texture and splashes of intense color reminiscent of a bustling lagoon coast. A dark gondola, with hues of blues and blacks, anchors the left side of the composition, its bow pointing proudly towards the viewer. Beside it, moored boats bask in the sunlight, flaunting their crisp white sails that juxtapose sharply against a background that blends chaos with calm.Intriguingly, a traditional structure, perhaps a small pier or dockhouse adorned with elaborate green foliage motifs, juts into the water from the right. It introduces an architectural element to this nautical tableau. Above, the sky is depicted with soft brushstrokes of blues and whites, suggesting a clear day, while the reflection in the water adds a dreamlike quality to the painting. Flags, possibly signaling maritime celebrations, flutter in the breeze, injecting streaks of red, blue, and other colors across the canvas, enhancing the festive marine atmosphere.Each element within the scene merges into a lively, texture-rich depiction of life around a lagoon, where the movement of water and air brings each component to vibrant life.


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Valerija Vija Tarabildienė studied monumental painting at the Vilnius Institute of Arts (now the Academy of Fine Arts) from 1960 to 1967. Since 1968 participated in over 150 joint exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. She has held 36 solo exhibitions. Participant of international plein-air exhibitions. Created over 20 murals and frescoes in interiors. Painter, watercolourist, teacher. Participant of international watercolour biennials. Her watercolour compositions have been awarded prizes at the International Watercolour Triennial /Riga 2001/, Vilnius Art Museum and Čiurlionis Gallery /Chicago/ in the competition "Lithuanian Way" //2005/. Silver Honour Mark at the 7th World Samogitian Exhibition "The Year of the Battle of the Sun" /2016/.
The works of the artist V. Vija Tarabildienė reflect many years of creative search, a distinctive approach to the world and art, and are open to the future.
The theme of REMEMBRANCE is prominent in her work. The artist's impulses are wide-ranging. She draws not only from her impressions, local tradition and environment, but also from the rich layers of cultural memory and ancient civilisations. She seeks what is reliable, stable, eternal and a counterpoint to the chaos and instability of today. The author strives for a particular harmony and balance. Colour and line have a strong aesthetic impact in Vija's work.
V. Vija's works have been acquired by the Lithuanian Art Museum, the Samogitian Art Museum, and the Vilnius Academy of Arts Museum. The Library of the National University of Paris and in private collections in the USA, Germany, Poland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the United States, the Republic of Ireland and Canada.
Member of LDS since 1980. The artist has been awarded the status of Creator of Art.
Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania