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Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 40x40 cm
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Lithuanian Art Gallery
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In the painting, an old blue tractor with a robust design rests in a lush green field under a clear sky, casting a deep shadow. Its front, adorned with a rusty grille and faded paint, suggests a long service life. To the right, a solitary cow grazes peacefully, harmoniously coexisting with the mechanical presence. The backdrop features a serene landscape with gentle hills and scattered trees, illuminated by soft sunlight, which imbues the scene with a gentle tranquility and a timeless rural charm. The overall composition juxtaposes machinery and nature, capturing a moment of quiet coexistence in the countryside.


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Diana Zviedrienė was born in a small  town in Lithuania, she loved to draw and mold since childhood. She graduated from the School of Arts with the highest scores, where her studies lasted four years. She has three different bachelor’s degrees (arts, philosophy and law) and one master’s degree (philosophy). She previously taught philosophy at universities (Vilnius University and Šiauliai University) and ethics at the gymnasium. Currently she devotes all her time only to art and creativity.

Every year Diana organizes 7-10 personal exhibitions in various places of Lithuania and abroad, regularly participates in plein airs and organizes plein airs year after year. She also regularly participates in joint exhibitions of several authors and it is written about her by the local and foreign press. Her paintings are widely spread around the world: they have reached the USA, Japan, Morocco, Thailand, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Poland, Latvia and other countries.

Diana loves to paint in plain air. The motives through which she cannot pass calmly  are tractors and ships. Motives of nature - Lithuanian meadows and the sea are also common in her work, sometimes she paints abstractions. She has developed a special painting technique inspired by philosophy.

She loves to travel very much and, as she says, she collects impressions and the first times because only that is valuable in life. New motives and color palettes come from new places. For example in the plein airs that took place in the mountains (Greece and Poland) she painted mountains. In order to paint, you need to see and feel, says the author. That feeling of impression is transformed into paintings and brings to the viewer the coolness of the sea and the softness of the grass.

The paintings, made with oil painting techniques, are full of bright colours and freshness. They seem to surround the viewer with the impression experienced by the author and ensure a good mood for a long time. When looking at the paintings, all the worries seem to move and fade away. They never get boring, because filled with the inner life inspired by the author, they reveal their new planes to the viewer every time.