In the shade of trees

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 70x55 cm

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This painting features an abstract interpretation of a forest scene. Dominant vertical and curved lines suggest the trunks and branches of trees, intertwined and overlapping. The color palette is rich and varied, incorporating shades of deep red, aquamarine, black, and white, with touches of bright green that could be interpreted as leaves or light filtering through the canopy. The application of paint is dynamic, with visible brush strokes and layers, enhancing the sense of depth and texture. The overall effect is one of being enveloped in a dense, cool, shaded woodland, where light and shadow play across organic forms, evoking a sense of tranquility and the natural world's complex beauty.


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"I believe it is a gift and privilege to have an opportunity to rouse feelings in others through painting. That is one passion I will never be able to give up...

I keep searching, experimenting and reinventing my individual style. Yet I realize that I’m most at-home capturing my feelings and boundless thoughts through considered emotional expression, manifesting in thick layers of oil on canvas. That is why most of my paintings are expressive leaning towards expressionism.

When I paint, I feel as if I exist in a different world, without restrictions for my imagination. The people, nature, and built environment I perceive and the sounds that I hear connect into a stream of emotions and visions. This composition comes together in my mind and a story is born on canvas. Painting is my language of freedom, where there is no right way to feel or think. The result is a fleeting snapshot of a feeling. Yet the painting moves the deepest imagination and invites the observer to share in these feelings and individualise them.  For me, this is the true magic of painting – an unexplainable and fascinating process. “ – Audinga 

Painting has always been a huge part of Audinga‘s life. Encouraged by her musician parents as a child and teenager she experienced art in different art schools. She graduated from Kaunas Antanas Martinaitis art school in 2007 and proceeded to study architecture. She was awarded her bachelor and master degrees in architecture in Kaunas university of Technology (2007-2013). During her architecture studies, she was also developing as a painter in well-known Gintaras Zubrys art studio. She was able to take part in multiple plein-airs in Lithuanian seaside and monasteries (Nida, Preila, Tytuvėnai) and abroad (Italy, France). The resulting works have been exhibited multiple times in joint exhibitions and in 2018 she presented her solo exhibition. Today, her works are enjoyed not only in Lithuania, but also overseas in the United Kingdom and Iceland.