Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 30x30 cm
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The painting presents a serene woodland scene, infused with a mystical atmosphere. Broad tree trunks dominate the foreground; their rough, textured barks rendered in shades of gray and subtle hints of mossy green, suggesting age and resilience. Contrasting with the sturdy trunks, delicate branches vault overhead, their spindly forms adorned with sparse, fine twigs that reach out like fingers into the void, etched sharply against a soft, blurry background.The forest floor is a tapestry of dappled light and shadow, speckled with fallen leaves in a spectrum of fiery colors—from rich ambers and warm golds to vibrant oranges and deep reds, like embers scattered on a earthen canvas. This variegated carpet of leaves suggests the quiet decay and natural cycle of the woodland.In the distance, a mystical, almost otherworldly light filters through the trees, casting an ethereal glow that fades into cool blues and subtle greens, evoking a sense of depth and mystery. This luminous haze not only enhances the feeling of a deep, dense thicket but also invites the viewer to ponder what lies beyond the visible, into the heart of the woods.Overall, the painting vibrates with the life forces of nature, each brushstroke contributing to a sense of tranquility and the timeless dance of life and decay in a forest setting.


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"I was born in 1965. I could say I was born with a pencil in my hand, because that's how I remember myself - drawing everywhere and always. I used to capture on a piece of paper the moments that fascinated me. And it's great when you can admire and enjoy that moment whenever you want, because it's captured on a piece of paper or on canvas. But it's even more wonderful when a passer-by can admire and enjoy it too," says the artist briefly about his artistic journey.

Petras Beniulis documents Lithuanian nature in his work, with cityscapes occasionally adding variety to his repertoire. The artist is an eternal romantic. His canvases show city streets flooded with a mysterious moonlight that forgives all imperfections, landscapes drowning in the evening sunlight, morning mists, or soft light. The artist sees a distinctive beauty in each season and conveys it in lush, vivid colours.