Landscape 50

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 35x35 cm
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Lithuanian Art Gallery
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The painting "Landscape 50" by Kęstutis Jauniškis presents a serene, expansive view dominated by extensive open spaces under a vast sky. The foreground features broad, bold strokes of earthy tones—variations of ochre, sienna, and muted greens—that give a feeling of dried, perhaps even cracked terrain. Occasional vibrant specks—possibly flowers or artifacts—pepper the landscape, adding liveliness and contrast.In the middle distance, a sliver of deep, rich blue suggests a distant water body, perhaps a river or a lake, bordered by land or low hills subtly merging into it. Above this, the sky takes over much of the canvas, layered with luxurious, creamy whites and light browns that form a massive, billowing cloud. The sky hints at a setting or rising sun with a gentle gradation of blue, lightening as it touches the horizon.Overall, the painting evokes a tranquil yet dynamic natural scene, possibly at the turn of the day, where light subtly shifts and colors either awaken or fade away. There is a sense of isolation and vastness that might reflect on the sublime or the contemplative interaction between land and sky.


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When we talk about landscapes, the shimmering surface of the water, the painted leaves of the trees, the clouds floating in the sky usually come to mind, but Kęstutis Jauniškis sees nature through the prism of architecture.

This artist breaks down the visible landscape into large components, deconstructs it and reassembles it again on canvas from stylised spots of colour, like a collage of cut-outs in which the laws of perspective do not apply and the third dimension, if it does appear, does not serve the illusion of realism. The monotony is saved here by the colour contrasts, the gentle gradation of shades within the spots themselves, and the differences in texture. Jauniškis's paintings are characterised by soft, gentle lines, sparing, even miserly used details and earthy colouring.

The author's landscapes often move away from visual reality towards abstraction. A real dessert for the eyes of modern art fans.

Kęstutis is a member of the International Association of Miniaturists in Australia (Tasmania). He participates in exhibitions of miniatures organised by this association.