Garden Whiffles Of Darkness II

Technique: Drypoint, aquatint
Dimensions: 21x25,5 cm
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In the painting, the central visual frame is detailed and shadowed with textural contrasts, capturing the transient, mystic essence of a natural landscape. Dark, distinct mountains rise sharply on the left side, their rugged edges and points set starkly against a lighter indistinct background that could suggest a tumultuous sky or a fading light. The surface of these mountains appears rough and heavily dotted, possibly indicating vegetation or rocky textures.Proceeding to the right, the scene morphs into a more surreal and blotchy formation that may resemble clouds or mist, contributing to an atmosphere of depth and ambiguity. Among this misty chaos, fragments of a cow-like figure emerge disruptively. The creature's form is partially sketched, with noticeable spots and patches enhancing its ghostly and elusive nature.Moreover, there are textual elements visibly incorporated within the composition. These writings blend into the background and stretches across the scape, suggesting an interwoven narrative or poetic commentary directly within the visual experience. The texts complement the dark whimsical aesthetics, perhaps serving as a guide or hinting at underlying themes of the piece. The overall impression is both haunting and intriguing, inviting viewers to decipher its hidden stories and meanings.


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In 1995 Rasa Vasileviciute graduated from Telsiu Applied Arts Higher School, majoring in Metal Art and Jewellery, drawing and painting classes taught by Romualdas Pucekas. In 1996 she entered Vilnius Art Academy, majoring in Graphic Art. She graduated from the Art Academy in 2000, her graduation work in Graphic Art was completed under the guidance of Raimondas Miknevicius. 

For a number of years Rasa Vasileviciute worked in JP Manufactory in jewellery production. 

In 2009-2014 she attended Dalia Doksaite Sumi-E and Calligraphy Study Tuso kelias, participating in multiple joint sumi-e exhibitions. 

Rasa Vasileviciute made a number of personal exhibitions:

In 1998, Jewellery, Lubeck Town House, Baltic Art Schools Students, Received a Price  

In 2000, Graphic Art, Prints, Drawings, Vilnius

In 2011, Brush ink Paintings, Vilnius

In 2012, Brush Ink Paintings, Vilnius

In 2013, Brush Ink Paintings, Vilnius 

In 2017, Portlets, Oil Paintings, Vilnius, Zarasai, Kaunas

 Since 2018, Rasa Vasileviciute has fully dedicated her time for oil portraits and other creative work.