Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 60,5x46 cm

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The painting showcases a unique abstract composition dominated by a soft palette of purples, blues, and hints of yellow and red. In the center, a large, bright, white circular form emanates a pale, creamy light that cascades downward, resembling either a sun obscured by mist or a celestial event viewed through a haze of soft focus. Surrounding this light are subtle textures and washes of color that suggest a vast, open space, possibly open skies or a distant horizon seen through fog or a dream.In the foreground, contrasted sharply against the luminous backdrop, there appears a mixture of more vivid colors and structured elements that suggest a cityscape or architectural forms. Sharp vertical and horizontal lines hint at buildings or other man-made structures, but their details are obscured, blending into the painterly environment. Among these structures, small, discernible accents of color—bright blues and warm yellows—pop against the cooler tones, adding depth and interest.A fine, decorative pattern, discernible on a vertical element in the lower center, hints at a tapestry or detailed artifact, standing out with its intricate design against the broader strokes and swathes of color. This adds a tactile layer to the work, suggesting material richness amidst the ethereal vastness of the color field. More accents, possibly indicating smaller details or even figures, add a human or lively touch to the scene, though they are rendered abstractly, inviting personal interpretation and wonder. The overall impression is one of a mysterious, almost mystical convergence of light, architecture, and atmosphere, evoking emotions of tranquility and contemplation.


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"Painting is my primary creative activity and the way of spiritual forms expression, technique - acrylic on canvas coated on the wooden underframe, I chose it because it matches to my creative temperament.

It is a versatile, paint dries quickly without changing the shape and intensity, texture is maintained and required viscosity and at the same time makes it possible to cover almost transparent layers as with watercolor. The most interesting thing in painting is colors: their intensity and their gentleness, serenity and storm to convey mood, as well as light and darkness - in the colors lie all possible expression means of the world.

However, the technique - it's just a way to convey what is in your imagination. Themes of works are pretty broad and although are quite abstract - in each of them can be seen the details, which reflect recognizable objects whose 
real shape is highlighted just partly - it melts and disappears in the abstract mood playings like fragile reflection of this world. It is like a symbol of who we are in this world and at the same time connecting us with immense ulterior reality, where totality pour out with eternity and there is no limits to describe existence.

In this context, personal images become existential, and existential - personal, as well as calligraphy elements, which are in the depth of canvas colors: they lead us to where was born the first signs, the letters become the witnesses of soul and thought, taking viewer's experience and dreams and at the same time protecting the secret of the world."

Aistė Jurgilaitė's works reflect the reality that surrounds us, but she always presents it through the prism of harmony and beauty, whether it is a motif of nature, human relationships, or a completely abstract sensation or experience. The artist presents them as the greatest miracles, as testimonies of perfect harmony. The paintings are flooded with a gentle, shimmering light, in which the motifs of a recognisable reality appear and disappear, like hints, which are strongly complemented by colour codes.

This light is central here, it is the fundamental value by which we must live. This world is not ours alone, we are only a tiny part of the whole. The artist says: "We must keep the light within us aflame, not lose our consciousness in the shadows and remain responsible in the face of dark threats." In this way, the artist encourages us to seek harmony in every step we take and not to lose faith.

The author is known not only in Lithuania, but also in France, she participated in prestigious exhibitions and biennials.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania