Creativity - The Fight Against Extinction

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 70x60 cm

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Pastarojo paveikslo sukūrimo impulsu tapo draugės užfiksuotas momentas personalinės parodos Kaune atidarymo metu. Fotografijoje atsiskleidęs mano išplaukęs siluetas ir fone sufokusuoti paveikslai sukoreliavo su amerikiečių egzistencializmo psichologijos šalininko Rollo May (1909-1994) išsakyta mintimi knygoje "Drąsa kurti", jog kūryba - tai nuolatinė kova su išnykimu. Prieš kiek laiko skaityta knyga ir ši autoriaus išsakyta mintis jau spėjo tapti mano kūrybiniu kredo. Juk iš tiesų, kiekvienas žmogus ieško, kaip įprasminti savo laikiną gyvenimą žemėje, kaip pratęsti būtį, tiesa, jau ne fiziniame pavidale, o dvasiniame.

Kai kurie savo gyvenimą įprasmina sukurdami šeimą, kiti - kildami karjeros laiptais, atlikdami visuomeniškas misijas, arba kurdami. Kūriniai - tai mano vaikai, mano ateitis, kuri bylos apie mano gyvenimą, apie patirtis, išgyvenimus, būsenas, kurios, tikiu, jog yra nepavaldžios laikui. 


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Painting in the interior

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Young generation painter Agota Bričkutė was born in 1993, in Klaipėda, Lithuania. She graduated from Vytautas Magnus University and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Art History, Criticism and Media, in 2016. Agota has been painting since 2017. Young artist has already participated in over 15 solo and group exhibitions. Her artworks are in private collections in Lithuania and abroad.

Agota especially values the process of creating which is intuitive and guided by the subconscious mind. Therefore, her creative method is related to a surrealistic technique - automatism. She transforms spontaneously appearing visions into symbolic and allegorical narrative during the painting. The colour palette is also the result of an intuitive creating process. Bright, playful and decorative facade often covers complex and contradictory content.

As for the main narrative of the painter's works, human beings and nature are always at the centre of the paintings. Instead of depicting traditional landscape Agota seeks to transform it into an emotionally charged dreamscape, where man and nature interact with each other. Moreover, her art represents subjective experiences, psychological states. Through artistic means of expression and free, associative language, the painter explores her inner world and tries to connect with the viewer both mentally and psychologically.

Young And Talented - Rising Stars

Young And Talented - Rising Stars