The beginning of the beginning 2

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 100x130 cm

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In the soft, ethereal world of Daiva Dašenkovienė’s painting, "The beginning of the beginning 2," a figure is depicted in a somber, contemplative pose. The figure, painted with pale, ghostly skin tones against a backdrop of deep blues and greens, appears nearly life-size. Situated at the left of the canvas, atop a dark ledge, the figure bends forward with its hands resting on the surface and its head bowed down as if weighed by heavy thoughts.The background of the painting shifts ethereally from dark to light hues, with abstract shapes that hint at a dreamlike landscape or the vast, formless expanse of an unformed world. Soft plumes of white and black interrupt the serenity with their dynamic and organic shapes, perhaps suggesting a state of transformation or emergence.Connecting to the figure, an ethereal, translucent cloth-like form stretches outwards to the right, painted in soft oranges and whites, creating a visual flow that guides the eye across the canvas. This element adds a sense of movement and continuity, implying a connection between the figure and its surroundings, or possibly symbolizing the extension of thoughts or spirit into the embracing quietude around.The overall mood is introspective and quietly intense, inviting a reflection on beginnings, whether they be of thoughts, existence, or a more abstract concept. The use of color and form enhances the painting's mysterious allure, leaving much to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer.


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I have graduated in painting at Klaipėda Academy of Arts, since 2015 I started working at the Klaipėda Drama Theater as an artist - decorator. The acquired practical and theoretical knowledge was very useful when working with scenographers and creating decorations. Creative work opened up even greater opportunities for painting, to flexibly and creatively rely on the achievements of art and science, to think critically, analytically and systematically.

First, I always go deeper into the concept of my idea, only then do I approach the pictorial representation. Continuous creative process, deep reflection of one's ideas leads to visual thinking about a person and his place in the world. I think that painting should establish a connection with the environment and not only reflect the world, but also raise questions and change people's point of view.

In my work, I choose topics related to the reflection of human existence, I strive for an objective approach to the world of human values, the dual nature of man. During the work process, I always rely on the impression of the natural world, spontaneous expression - improvisation and inner feelings - composition. I always look for and find something that reminds me of the human relationship with being. I believe that there are no completely weak or strong people, so finding references deep in the past, discovering what we have already experienced is inevitable. It is a constant journey outside the everyday, where the return to the present becomes a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

I actively participate in art actions, group exhibitions. I have organized 14 personal painting exhibitions.

Since 2021, a member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member