The Wind of Revival

Dimensions: 74x154 cm

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The painting depicts a surreal, dream-like landscape dominated by large, curved, elongated shapes reminiscent of human figures. These two figures, each adorned with an eye, stand facing each other across a horizon that seems to blend both sea and sky. One figure has a green hue with wavy textures over its surface, and the other is purple with smoother, clearer lines. Between them, beneath a sky streaked with vibrant hues of blue, pink, and orange, lies a mirrored water surface. A luminous, oval object, possibly the sun or a symbolic representation, hovers near the central line of vision, casting reflections and refracted light across the scene. The soft, flowing lines and bright colors create a sense of movement, as if the air itself carries waves of energy or wind between the figures, emphasizing the painting's title: "The Wind of Revival." The scene is enclosed by a textured, possibly wooden frame, suggesting this visionary tableau is both contained and given a structured context. The overall effect is otherworldly and invites contemplation on themes of connection, renewal, and the unseen forces that shape our world.


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Vilnius artist Aleksandras Jaremčiukas paintings are unique. His paintings painted in a surrealistic style combine seemingly incompatible subjects and images and sometimes seemingly absurd plots do not repel but captivate the viewer. Currently, Aleksandras also engaged in restoration, iconography and interior design work. He is no stranger to such genres as still life and landscape. He has also become famous for replicating the techniques of the old masters. According to Aleksandras it is academic drawing that gives impact and conveys the idea to the viewer. For an artist, composition and color are the most important things in painting. After all, the main purpose of the painting is to affect the viewer aesthetically and the meaning and content are in second place.

"When it comes to criticism you can write anything about a painting but the experienced visual contact comes first and criticism is only someone else's thoughts..." says the author.

He also likes to try himself in other genres of painting, experimenting with textures and various drawing techniques. The main direction of Aleksandras painting remains surrealism. While creating in this direction of painting unusual for many the artist achieved great success. Aleksandras Jaremčiukas skills are appreciated both in Lithuania and abroad. The artist's paintings adorn the walls of houses in various European countries and are in private collections.

Among the many exhibitions in which Aleksandras participated it is worth mentioning the most significant for the artist:

2000 - Vilnius, "Amatininkų" gallery - personal exhibition of A. Jaremčiukas.

2010 - Vilnius, Vilnius City Municipality, group exhibition of Lithuanian national minorities.

2011 - Vilnius, House of Poles, group exhibition "Elipsa".

2011 - Vilnius, salon - gallery "Daile" - group exhibition - "Christmas evenings".

2015 - Vilnius, Palace of the Lords - "Easter Festival in Vilnius".

2017 - Ukmergė, a group exhibition dedicated to the development of cooperation between the Republics of Lithuania and Belarus in the field of culture and art.

2018 - Klaipėda, group exhibition, "House of Culture of National Minorities in Klaipėda".