You Go In - You Won't Go Out

Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 80x100 cm

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The painting depicts a labyrinthine structure with high walls, rendered in a palette dominated by yellow and brown tones, radiating outward like the spokes of a wheel or the intricate design of a sunflower. Atop this structure under a night sky lit by a small, soft moon and a cluster of stars, stands a monumental archway that leads into this complex maze, framed by two columns and topped by three arches in red, orange, and beige. A pathway leads up to this maze, bordered by greenery on one side and a mysterious blue and red pattern reminiscent of a carpet on the other.On this path, two figures are visible; their backs turned, they face toward the maze. The figure on the left, donning a blue dress and short hair, walks directly towards the archway, seemingly captivated or drawn in by the looming structure ahead. The figure on the right is slightly ahead and wears a white lab coat; the head is covered by a black mask with a circular gas mask-like attachment, obscuring any distinct features and adding an element of surrealism or detachment. The masked figure holds a green plant in a pot, perhaps symbolizing life or a reminder of the natural world outside the complexities of the constructed maze.The entire scene communicates a narrative or metaphor of intrigue, challenge, and perhaps forewarning about the complexities and entanglements one might encounter upon entering such an enigmatic structure. The contrast in attire and anonymity of the figures suggest diverse approaches or roles in relation to the environment they are about to engage with.


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When talking about Kristina Daniūnaitė's work, the first thing that comes to mind is art critic Vaidilutė Brazauskaitė's observation that she doesn't admit an uninterested viewer. Indeed, Kristina's paintings are so multi-layered that a viewer who does not want to go deeper, who does not want to put any effort into them, will only see the surface, without grasping the essence (although the surface, by the way, is extremely aesthetic). This is far from meaning that the works are only for the elite viewer, but they require a longer look, a rethinking.

In almost every artwork by Kristina Daniūnaitė, we will be greeted by phantasmagorical images, sometimes even seemingly inspired by the novels of Edgar Allan Poe. Together with the monochrome etching technique, the shallow line of the drawing and the illusion of fog, they become the author's hallmark. Kristina's work is full of mystery - even the facades of buildings are more than reflections of the city. Maybe it's the twilight, because there is always less white than shades of grey and black, but the works themselves say that they capture more than the eye can see. The windows of the buildings look like eyes and you start to wonder what's behind them, what's behind the walls, what stories they hide.

In other works with mysterious creatures, there are even more questions and interpretations. First of all, note that they are always alone, because the theme of loneliness is very important here. Only in solitude is it possible to explore the depths of the human soul that interest the author.

At the same time, notice how common the motif of the fairy tale or the theatre is - the masks, the costumes, the marionettes, the magical forest are all in themselves a sign of human nature, which is difficult to fully unravel.All of these figures are symbols and allegories of that. In order to speak to them, we each have to answer for ourselves how we understand it, what it means to us, what mood and emotion we feel when we look at this picture.

Kristina Daniūnaitė's works are a perfect example of the load that a very small work can carry, and although these works are not a big investment, we do not doubt their value in the slightest.

Kristina Daniūnaitė was born in 1975. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Panevėžys.

From 1995 to 1998 she studied at Kaunas Higher School of Art as a master of fine glass.

1998 - 2002 Bachelor of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts degree.

2002 - 2004 Master's studies in graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Master of Arts degree.

2009 Member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union.

2010 VPU PKTI teacher qualification.

Teaching work at Vilnius Pupils' Creative and Educational Centre and at the art studio "Spalvų juoaks". All the free time as she has, she devotes everything to his work, mainly in the field of graphic art, creating prints, mainly in etching and aquatint techniques.  Since 1998 she has participated in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (since 2004). Since 2013 she has been participating in plein air painting workshops.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member