Family Inclusions (Diptych)

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 51x22 cm

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In "Family Inclusions (Diptych)" by Antanas Adomaitis, the painting portrays a vivid and surreal assembly of figures on two narrow, vertically oriented panels. Each panel features a mesmerizing, almost grotesque amalgamation of humanoid forms and fantastical creatures entwined in a complex, gravity-defying arrangement.The left panel shows a large, elderly male face at the bottom, from whose head and facial features other characters and limbs bizarrely emerge. Above this face, a series of smaller, interconnected figures appear to defy physics with outstretched limbs and oddly contorted bodies, giving the impression they are floating or falling.The right panel mirrors this absurdity and complexity. It also starts with an elderly male face at the bottom, from whom various smaller entities and appendages seem to grow upwards. These figures appear more distorted and whimsical, with exaggerated facial expressions and dynamic postures. Some elements here hint at a more cephalopodic or aquatic nature, featuring tentacle-like appendages.Both artworks are rendered in a style that blends realism with fantasy, employing a rich, earthy palette juxtaposed with vibrant reds, yellows, and greens. The texture and detailing in the painting add depth to this hallucinatory vision, pulsing with life and motion. The overall effect is surreal, creating a visually arresting narrative that challenges the viewer's perception and interpretation of familial relationships and human connections within a dream-like or otherworldly context.


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A painter, sculptor, wood carver a patriot not only of this region but of the whole Samogitia, a decorator and a nurturer of his hometown - he is known even in Germany, Holland and New York, where his painting exhibitions were successful.

Antanas is always full of interesting ideas, incredibly productive and inventive. He does not need either bohemian adventures or the influence of other artists to unleash his original, multifaceted talent. He draws inspiration from nature and the history of his land. 

The surrealistic paintings of A. Adomaitis, which require not only imaginative inclination, but also a perfect mastery of technique, are not lacking in humour and self-irony, which only makes the author's work even more attractive and multi-layered. The author does not shy away from sharp social themes, nor from difficult questions of human existence. And he reveals them wittily and boldly, without any embellishments.

The viewer, who is lucky enough to fall into the phantasmagorical world of A. Adomaitis' works, one is struck by the spectacular play of imagination, the vividness of the brushstroke, the knowledge of the "soul" of wood.