Night Pearls

Inesa Gervė
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 20x20 cm
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The image exhibits a strikingly vibrant and abstract composition. Central to the painting is a large face with a serene, almost contemplative expression. The face is depicted with bright white eyes which starkly contrast against a dynamic, predominantly blue background. The imagery around the face resembles celestial themes, featuring crescent moons and what appear to be stars or snowflakes.Above the eyes, swirling patterns and dots enhance the dreamy, otherworldly feel of the piece. The face is adorned with shapes and lines that suggest tribal or mystical symbolism, including a conspicuous heart-like shape at the center of the forehead.The lower part of the face, particularly around the mouth, is covered with a blue patterned texture that could be interpreted as either decorative facial markings or perhaps a mask. Surrounding the face are elements that could be seen as aquatic or botanical in nature, with shapes resembling leaves, tendrils, or waves, further contributing to the enigmatic and lush ambiance of the painting.The use of bold and vivid colors, like deep blues, purples, and touches of reds, punctuates the painting with a sense of depth and emotion, enveloping the viewer in its mysterious and lush visual narrative.


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For graphic artist Inesa Gervė, the colourful world of painting is closer to her heart than black and white.

She has been fascinated by fairy tales and illustrations since she was a child, and now she sometimes feels halfway between her childhood and the present. Her work depicts crumbs of dream memories, unspoken feelings and thoughts, identification with the leaf, the grass, the moonlight... For man is a small part of a big nature.

It is a kind of protest of the artist against the vanity, superficiality and consumer culture around her. For Inesa, art is a placebo from the grey everyday life, and only for a small circle of people, not for the masses, it is understandable to the core.