Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 60x20 cm
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Lithuanian Art Gallery
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The painting features a slender, elongated figure of a woman, rendered with whimsical and stylized proportions. She appears thoughtful, her hand placed gently against her face, suggesting a moment of introspection or concern. The woman is adorned in a long, flowing gown that transitions from a shimmering gold at her torso to a deep, oceanic teal towards the hem, embellished with faint floral patterns that seem to float across the fabric like delicate lilies on a pond. Her waist is cinched tightly, emphasizing the dramatic tapering of her form.Her outfit is completed by an eccentrically stylish hat, small and perched atop her neatly coiffed hair, which adds a sense of refined elegance. The woman's face is delicately drawn, with a sharp nose and a subtle gaze that projects both grace and melancholy. Notably, she wears uniquely designed shoes: pointed and golden, suggesting a blend of classical and fantastical influences.Adding a quirky twist, the lower portion of her legs is visible through her semi-transparent dress, revealing polka-dotted stockings that clash playfully with her otherwise serene and sophisticated appearance. This juxtaposition lends a modern, almost surreal quality to the artwork, inviting the viewer to ponder the story or emotions behind the depicted scene.


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After studying at Kaunas School of Art and Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Institute of Art (glass, textiles), she has been living in the South of France for more than 20 years. Sniegė also completed a 4-year art education at the Bordeaux School of Art. Already during her studies she was designing clothes and avant-garde clothing collections.

Her art is feminine and elegant. She remains faithful to the theme of femininity in her work, which she chooses to reveal in costume. She studied textiles and has always been interested in the history of costume, which is why clothing occupies an important place in her work, becoming a reflection of her inner world, character and temperament. Sniegė pays a lot of attention to ornaments, patterns and embellishments, while trying to preserve lightness and transparency.

In Sniegė's latest works, a new theme emerges - female friendships. Mademoiselles and madams gather together in groups of three, and sometimes even in whole families. The viewer can only guess what they are whispering about from their glances, posture and dress.

We highly recommend Sniegė's work not only for those who want to decorate their homes, but also for those looking for a special gift for a friend, mother, sister or goddaughter.

She has had several successful solo exhibitions in France and Lithuania, and participates in several artist groups. She is a member of the French Artists' Union.