2015th painting No. 1

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 45x65 cm

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The painting depicts a bustling harbor scene rendered in a vibrant, abstract style. Two dominant boats float in the foreground, their shapes rendered in dark hues contrasted with highlights of white, suggesting light reflecting on their surfaces. Around these central boats, the water shimmers with strokes of blue and white, which blend into the hints of murky browns and blacks at the water’s edge.The background is a cacophony of colors and rough textures that suggest an industrial cityscape. Buildings, possibly warehouses or city structures, emerge as a series of irregular, overlapping forms adorned with a palette featuring shades of grey, brown, blue, and occasional dashes of red. Hints of windows or doors are sporadically placed throughout these forms, suggesting the presence of human habitation and industry.Distancing itself from realism, the scene seems to buzz with movement conveyed through the hurried, textured brushwork and the mingling of colors. Bold red areas on the left suggest buildings or perhaps other boats, laying a vivid foundation that draws the viewer’s eye across the painting. Throughout, splashes of white, red, and yellow invoke a sense of chaotic life and activity inherent in a working harbor, possibly at the break of dawn or the onset of evening, as suggested by the overall dimness punctuated by highlights.


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Leonardas Černiauskas is an artist with a distinctive painting style.

Looking at Leonardas Černiauskas's works, one has two feelings - on the one hand, the image is familiar, very much one's own, but at the same time, it seems strange, surprising. On the one hand, you see a Lithuanian rural landscape, so familiar and as if bored, but longed for after a long journey, and on the other hand, you see expressive brushstrokes on the canvas, and one bright colour spot next to another even brighter one.

Whatever else, one cannot accuse Leonards Černiauskas of being boring. It is not surprising that the author likes autumn best, when the flaming leaves of the trees contrast with the blue of the sky, but for him, the  winter is far from grey and murky - the snow is painted with all kinds of reflections, and the clouds are broken by the sun's rays. The brushstrokes are bold, energetic and purposeful, the contrasting colour combinations burst with life and temperament, and our tranquil Lithuanian landscapes look as spectacular as the exotic lands of the South.

Leonardas Černiauskas' paintings are in private collections in Lithuania, Europe and the USA. In Žemaitija National Park, in the former water mill of Count Suazelis, he established his "Art Gallery...- Workshop", where he currently lives and works.

The artist has held about 85 solo exhibitions of his paintings.
He belongs to the Žemaitija Artists' Union and is the head of the Plungė professional artists' group "3+".