In The Dunes

Technique: Carton, oil pastel
Dimensions: 44x33 cm
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The painting depicts a serene landscape of sandy dunes interspersed with robust, windswept vegetation. There's a striking contrast between the soft, smooth textures of the sand and the wild, tangled greenery of the bushes and trees. Subtle shades of pink, green, and yellow subtly color the dunes, suggesting the presence of wildflowers or changing seasons. The background features a row of darker, more densely clustered trees, perhaps pines, their forms blurred and almost merging into a stormy sky above, painted with broad strokes of grey and white that convey a sense of movement, possibly the blustering wind. Shadows and lines on the sand suggest the contours and undulation of the terrain, offering a dynamic yet calming natural scene.


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The world is strange for those who see it as a place of misery and routine, and for those who are just "picking flowers" - the happy and the carefree.

Filomena Linčiūtė-Vaitiekūnienė, it seems, will have seen both the warm and the cold. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1965, she immediately found herself in the changing world of theatre, film and television. She worked intensively on set and costume design. This is how the first Lithuanian musical "The Devil's Bride" came into being, as well as "Peter Pan", "Louis XIV", "Red Riding Hood" at the Academic Drama Theatre, "King Motiejukas I" and "Black Comedy" at the Kaunas Drama Theatre, which have brought up a whole generation of young Vilnius residents, operettas "Rozmari" and "Silva", ballet "Dawn" at Kaunas Musical Theatre, "Virto oak trees", "Journey to paradise" at the cinema, "Barbora Radvilaitė", "Heda Gabler" on television and many others...

But in the long run, in this world that has already become commonplace, things seem to have lost their true purpose and form, their meanings and names began to change and they remained unknown...

Whether pushed by the ephemeral nature of the theatrical world or called by the deeper voice of the Lithuanian soul, the artist realised that there is something else besides theatre... Something very simple, obscure, but so beautiful and lovely... It is flowers, music, silence. Many nuances of colour. A transparent world that we all look at, but only a few notice. For Filomena, it has become a discovery, perhaps even a happiness - her silent life. 

The artist's works are full of light - colours glowing here, colours fading there. Their harmony is beutiful and multilayered, although "it is impossible to pluck a single leaf from the laurel tree on which the fruits of art grow without paying for it with one's own life" (Thomas Mann).

Gražina Kliaugienė