Two shores

Technique: Acrylic, bronze on canvas, 2022
Dimensions: 100x180 cm
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The painting depicts an abstract landscape where two contrasting realms or shores are visualized through a mix of colors and textures. Dominating the scene is a central swath of earthy tones, grays, and whites that appears almost like a cliff face or an aerial view of a windswept landscape. This central mass is bordered by serene blues at the top, suggesting a tranquil sky or water body. Intriguingly, the same blue plunges below with a mirror-like reflection, softened by white and gray drips that cascade downward, adding a dynamic, almost liquid quality to the composition. Black lines and splotches weave throughout, perhaps indicative of vegetation, structural elements, or simply abstract forms that connect the elements. The layering and mixed media techniques create a textured surface, enhancing the tactile, almost three-dimensional effect of the painting. It invites contemplation on the nature of duality and the merging or clashing of different worlds.


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Dalia Kirkutiene's work is vigorous and expressive, and the most important thing for her is to convey a feeling and emotion. The task is not easy, but the artist undertakes it with enthusiasm. After many years of exploration, the artist turned to abstract painting and discovered the technique of pouring, which is so well suited to convey the intangible. Pouring paint may seem simple at first glance - in fact, playing with chance and controlling the flowing paint requires great skill and intuition. The patterns of paint runs have already become the artist's signature.

To purify the idea, the artist chooses a minimal colour palette; when colours are abandoned, the focus is on the original composition, and when they do appear, they play an important role - they become the main carriers of the message. Other important codes are contained in the title and in the occasional outlines of recognisable shapes that appear in the works.  However, these are only indications for the viewer's interpretation - in this way, the author tries to avoid banality and clichés. Kirkutienė herself says that she does not like prose in her paintings and prefers the freedom of poetry, preferring to convey the desired impression and emotion not with a concrete image, but with colour and verbal associations.

The dialogue with the viewer is extremely important to the artist - in the eyes of the viewer, the work is  reborn. Therefore, the artist does not want to impose anything on the viewer, because the most important thing is what the viewer himself sees in the work, what he finds in it that is close to him, and no one can say that his interpretation is incorrect.

The author is a graduate of the VDA Textile Studies at Kaunas Faculty. Now lives and works in Klaipėda. She is a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union.

The largest project is nearly 200 paintings for the Pacai Hotel.

Exhibitions at ArtVilnius 19, Berlin, Paris and more than 30 in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania