Endless YOU

Technique: Oil, gold, canvas
Dimensions: 90x120 cm

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The painting presents a serene and minimalist landscape, dominated by expansive skies that transition from a deep, moody navy at the top to a lighter, tranquil blue towards the center. This azure expanse is intersected by a thin, golden line, hinting at a distant horizon or perhaps a simple separation that anchors the ethereal sky to a more tangible element below it. Below this line, the colors shift to a glowing band of lighter blue, which gradually descends into a dark, shadowy lower section, suggesting an obscure, undefined landscape or water body. The piece balances between abstraction and the whispers of a real scene, playing with emotions through its use of color and simple, yet powerful compositional elements.


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Painting in the interior

1cm = 14,5cm

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Larissa Uvarova is a contemporary Ukrainian artist. She lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Larissa's works at first glance resemble landscapes, perhaps abstracted, but landscapes nonetheless, but in fact these landscapes do not depict the far reaches of nature, but rather the horizons and depths of man's inner world. She describes her artistic direction as a visualisation of the sense of transparency of the universe. The artist is convinced that nothing in this world is deeper and more complex than the human being himself, and she seeks to convey this depth, vastness and multilayeredness in her works. To do this, the artist uses the technique of multi-layer painting - thin layers of oil overlap to create both transparency and depth of colour. Needless to say, this technique requires not only skill but also a lot of time.

The artist believes that when colour is given depth, it begins to sound like music - the music of the universe within us.

She started exhibiting in Ukraine in 2012 and then more widely in Europe:

1. 2012 09 - Exhibition at the National Museum of Literature, Kiev, Ukraine.

2. 2012 12 - Exhibition at the Russian Art Museum "Chocolate House", Kiev, Ukraine.

3. 2015 02 - 2015 03 - Exhibition "Four Seasons: a Chocolate Symphony" at the Museum of the City of Kiev "Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine", Kiev, Ukraine.

4. 2017 04 - 2017 05 - Exhibition "Feelings" at Spivakovska Art:Ego Cultural Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine.

5. 2017 06 - Exhibition at the European Business Association and Aspen Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.

6. 2017 09 - Exhibition "White Party" at Spivakovska Art:Ego Cultural Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine.

7. 2017 11 - Exhibition "We contemporary 2017 : Ukraine edition" for the presentation of the catalogue curated by MUSA International Artspace at the Spivakovska Art:Ego Culture centre, Kyiv, Ukraine.

8. 2018 04 - Exhibition "Woman's essence show by MUSA", Madrid, Spain.

9. 2018 06 - Exhibition at the UBI Conference Hall, Kyiv, Ukraine

10. 2018 10 - Exhibition "We contemporary 2018" curated by MUSA International Artspace, Palermo, Italy.

11. 2018 11 - Exhibition "We contemporary 2018: Ukraine Edition" for the presentation of the catalogue curated by MUSA International Artspace at Spivakovska Art:Ego Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

12. 2018 12 - SOLO's exhibition "From the Deep" at Spivakovska Art:Ego Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

13. 2019 05 Woman's Essence Show co-located event at the official Bangladesh Pavilion of the 58th Venice Biennale. Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596, VENICE

14. 2022 05 - Luxembourg Art Fair, collective exhibition, Luxembourg

15. 2022 06 - ART COMPENSA, collective exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania