Port Area

Technique: Acrylic on cardboard, 2016
Dimensions: 30x55 cm

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In the painting "Port Area" by Antanas Virginijus Krištopaitis, there is a vibrant composition filled with bold colors and expressive brush strokes that create a dynamic scene. The foreground features a group of slender, vertically oriented trees to the right, painted in blue and white, which starkly contrast against the dark background. These trees frame a view of a bustling port area depicted in the central and left parts of the painting.The middle ground reveals an expanse of water, possibly a sea or large lake, rendered in strokes of white, blue, and green, suggesting waves and ripples. Beyond the water, there is a strip of bright yellow and green, indicating a shoreline or land illuminated either by sunlight or artificial lighting.The background is dominated by vivid blue and purple hues which form a dome-shaped structure, possibly a large building or a hill, adding depth and a focal point to the scene. This structure is complemented by smaller, indistinct shapes resembling buildings or ships, painted in lighter colors that create a sense of activity and life in the port.Overall, the use of intense colors and energetic brushwork conveys a sense of movement and vibrancy, typical of bustling port areas. The painting is a blend of representational and abstract elements, allowing viewers to interpret the scene while appreciating its aesthetic qualities.


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I am Antanas Virginijus Krištopaitis. I was born in 1948 in Klaipėda district. With some breaks I paint from the age of sixteen. In 1968 I graduated from Klaipėda Polytechnic. Since 1968 to 1974 I lived and worked in Riga, at the same time I attended the drawing, painting and composition courses at Latvian Academy. Since 1974 I engage in active artistic activities in Lithuania. I arranged about 50 personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Japan. 

In 2009 Lithuanian Ministry of Culture has given me the art creator's name.

I have painted with oils, pastels, but at the moment I paint only with acrylic. With the help of colors I express the subconscious. Starting work on the figurative, I lead up to abstraction, and then come out again, like a diver and materialize the drawing, just in other level. I draw inspiration from the nature. Often I start from the nature, then I interpret and attach a philosophical depth. A woman and a human is also a part of nature to me. 

My paintings are energetically active and positive. I'm not focused just on the sale, fast work or earnings. Painting for me - is a spiritual life, the transition to another state where I can forget the temporary troubles.

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania