New York No. 04, Downtown

Technique: Ink and acrylic on paper, 2012
Dimensions: 30x55 cm
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The painting portrays a bustling urban scene that captures the essence of New York City, specifically focusing on its downtown area. In the foreground, dominating the composition, there is a tangle of street signs pointing in different directions; one reads "Pearl," another "Coenties Slip," and several bear the words "One Way." These metal signs, attached to a slender, intricately detailed street lamp, imply the complexity and often confusing journey through city streets.Above these street-level details hovers a traffic light, realistically depicted with a small red heart symbol on its side, adding a touch of unexpected whimsy and perhaps love for the city it directs. The scene stretches upward vertically, mimicking the towering presence of New York's skyscrapers, drawn with meticulous, linear precision. The buildings are densely packed, each window a distinct square, contributing to the texture of an almost palpable urban fabric.On the right, the buildings introduce some architectural variety, showing different heights and windows' arrangements, and are slightly softer in their portrayal, suggesting distance or perhaps a past fading into the shadow of the freshly inked structures. A stain, brown and spreading like watercolor, washes over part of the image, bleeding through the city's rigid geometry and lending an impression of age or decay.This interplay of clear, sharp lines and the organic spread of the stain creates a dynamic visual tension, encapsulating the perpetual growth and inevitable erosion inherent to a living, breathing metropolis. The artwork conveys a deep connection to New York, merging both its iconic structural elements and the unpredictable life that pulses through its streets.


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Artist and architect Dalius Regelskis was born and grew up in Vilnius. For more than twenty years he has been designing private interiors, traveling and drawing urban architecture. As well Dalius is a professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

In his youth, when the courtyard gates of Vilnius Old Town had not been locked, Dalius snooped every courtyard, knew a lot of “secret” passages, and loved to use them as shortcuts instead of walking down the main streets. He studied graphic arts at the Vilnius Art School, where his teacher was a famous Lithuanian graphic artist Petras Repšys. Later Dalius entered the Vilnius Academy of Arts and studied architecture.

Usually, he spends summers with his wife in Crete. This island – its architecture, historical heritage, Cretans and their cultural traditions – became the source of inspiration. The mantinades (traditional Cretan poetry) used in the drawings were written by a local Greek from a tiny village exclusively for these works.

Another topic is New York, a city of Dalius’ new impressions and creative discoveries. These works capture the contrasts of the architecture of this sleepless metropolis, the connecting element of which became a ONE WAY road sign.

As the author himself says: “ONE WAY – one path, one direction, one method... The whole of New York City is dotted with these American road signs. However, it is not just a road sign, it’s a symbol of one of life’s milestones, in which the clean, purified, black-and-white graphics emphasize that among many ways, paths and wrong roads, one must find one’s OWN WAY.”