Manhattan 15

Technique: Watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 28x39 cm

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The painting captures a vibrant, somewhat abstract representation of a bustling Manhattan street. Skyscrapers reach into a sky washed with strokes of blue and white, suggesting either a clear day or the presence of clouds. The buildings themselves are rendered with loose, fluid brushstrokes, emphasizing a variety of tones from deep blues and grays to hints of green and brown. These vertical elements frame the composition, creating a canyon-like feel typical of Manhattan's famous avenues.Some structures are detailed with architectural elements—windows, ledges, and cornices—while others blur into each other, giving a sense of the frenetic movement of the city. At street level, tiny human figures in spots of bright colors like red, yellow, and orange dot the scene, providing a lively contrast to the predominantly cool palette of the buildings. The pedestrians provide a human scale against the towering buildings, emphasizing the city's dense population and fast pace.Hints of reflections and shadows cast by the buildings contribute to a feeling of depth and dimension, making the cityscape appear both chaotic and dynamic. Splashes and drips of watercolor across the canvas add a raw, immediate quality to the work, portraying the energy and fluidity of urban life in Manhattan.


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"I'll start by saying that I'm a rather superficial person in that sense,

that I don't interfere in the twists and turns of art's past, present directions and visions of the future.

My aim in making art is a simple, uncomplicated aesthetic.

I was born in Kaunas. My childhood was spent in Žaliakalnis. Later studies

Vilnius Art Institute (now Academy) and after graduation

appointment to Klaipėda. A beautiful, painfully pleasant past.

Now it will soon be thirty years that I have been working with furniture in New York. I have a long-standing understanding of the professional routine, the functionality and visual expression of interiors. 

And to go back to the beginning, I want to add that the human living environment

is divided into what is interesting, beautiful and attractive to them, and what is alien (in this case

I am not talking in the social sense). My wish is that a person who hangs a picture should  feel good without noticing it, without drawing attention to it.

That would be the point," the artist introduces himself.

Gediminas Sprindys works in watercolour and makes excellent use of its ability to layer colours, colour transparency, translucency and spills. His work is dominated by urban landscapes, images of Kaunas modernism and New York skyscrapers. The soft watercolour is an unexpected contrast to the depicted glass and concrete, giving lightness and gently reminding us of temporality.