Fruits 2

Technique: Oil on carton
Dimensions: 43x31 cm
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The painting depicts a still life arrangement featuring a composition of fruits and a bottle. Set against a subdued, dark background, the scene is illuminated subtly, evoking a soft, reflective atmosphere. A clear glass bottle, possibly containing wine, stands tall at the center, anchoring the composition. Its label, faded and indistinct, adds an element of realism and narrative.To the left, a draped white cloth with gentle folds spills onto a wooden surface, partially extending beyond the table edge, guiding the viewer’s eye towards the setup of fruits. Gathered primarily on the right are vibrant oranges, some whole and one sliced open to reveal juicy, segmented interiors bursting with freshness. Nearby, a peel rests curled beside the fruits, further enhancing the tactile quality of the scene.Just below the oranges, a cluster of deep red grapes drapes elegantly, their round, plump forms adding a rich contrast in color and texture. The grapes spill over onto the table, resting casually against the backdrop of the cloth.This composition not only captures the simple beauty and tranquility of a traditional still life but also showcases a meticulous attention to detail and a masterful use of light and shadow, creating a visually serene yet lush tableau.


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If you don't find Danutė Virbickienė at her easel, you can be sure that she is in her garden or in the nature. Danutė knows every plant from the smallest stem or leaf, and in her spare time, when she's not painting, she likes to take early morning walks in the woods or on the lakeside. It may seem like it has nothing to do with painting, but when it comes to Danutė Virbickienė's work, it is very important to realise that it is born out of an infinite, lifelong love for nature.

So it's no wonder that her favourite genres are landscapes, often flooded with early sunlight, and still lifes with the same flowers she cultivates in her garden. The paintings are always bright, reflecting a close relationship with nature, listening to it's language, the rhythmic swaying of the grasses and the intoxicating celebration of flowers. As the artist herself experiences joy in nature, she wants to convey the same feelings to the viewer, which is why she chooses a palette of warm, natural shades. Danutė Virbickienė paints realistically, but in her works with meadows there is an impressionistic manner, which occasionally turns the work towards abstraction.

The artist uses an exceptional technique. All the paintings are made with a special spatula and without what seems to be the artist's main tool - the brush.

The artist's works are eagerly bought not only by Lithuanian, but also by foreign clients - many of her works have travelled all over the world - from America, Canada, Europe to Japan and New Zealand.