Nr. F63. 9

Technique: Mixed on canvas, 2014
Dimensions: 100x70 cm

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The painting depicts a vertically striped blue and white shirt hanging on a wooden hanger, which is suspended from a beam or bar. The shirt features a V-neck collar and appears well-worn, with creases and folds enhancing its textured look. On the left side of the shirt, there is a patch with the inscription "F63.9". The background is rendered in a muted, neutral tone, giving the impression of an old wall, possibly plaster, with subtle variations in color and texture that suggest a sense of decay or austerity. The overall mood conveyed by the painting is one of stark simplicity and possibly historical or personal significance attached to the shirt.


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Painting in the interior

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Dovilė Bagdonaitė's painting aims to make the objects speak  and tell their story. Although the compositions of the works are minimalist, they tell stories in a very eloquent way. The lighting, the contrast of colours, the softness of the brushstroke and the filling or emptiness of the space speak here. Although each object, and thus each painting, tells its own story, the artist's gaze on them is somewhat nostalgic, shrouded in a haze of memory that dissolves some details, while highlighting others.


Vilnius Art Academy, Monumental painting and Scenography Cathedral.

2013 Second International Competition of Young Artists ”Art Session", Kaliningrad.

2013 International Contemporary Mosaic Festival “Ravenna Mosaic Festival”, Italy.

2013 Drawing contest of Švėgžda name, VDA, Vilnius

2013 Student’s Group Exhibition “Near the Europe we met the Storm”, the exhibition dedicates to the Stepsons Girėnas and Stasys Girėnas Flight across the Atlantic 80th anniversary. VDA gallery “Academy”.

2013 International Students Symposium “Dangerous Sea”, dedicated for J.M.Turner, Torun Academy of Fine Arts, Poland

2013 International project: seminars, workshops, catalog. "Fresco and Mastery: heritage, tradition and perspectives" exhibition, Unesco Gallery, Užutrakis Manor.

2014 Space Odyssey: SMD art student days, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Old Palace, Vilnius.

2014 “Art cells” VDA exhibition halls "Titanic", Vilnius

2014 International Street Art Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania

2015 contemporary glass art and stained glass exhibition of three Baltic states - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia "Luminous, cutting, breakage”. VDA exhibition halls "Titanic", Vilnius.

2015 Space Odyssey: SMD Student’s art days, Oslo houses, Vilnius

2015 personal exhibition “Room, where I had to sleep” M.B Stankūnienė Art Gallery, Marijampolė.

2015 M3 artists group exhibition “Bliacha Mucha”, VDA gallery "Academy".

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Young And Talented - Rising Stars