Vilnius Oldtown In Spring

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 40x40 cm
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The painting captures a vibrant scene from Vilnius Oldtown in spring. The focal point is a large, majestic reddish-brown brick church with intricate architectural features, including a tall steeple and multiple arched windows. Its walls and the angular tower exhibit a subtle play of light and shade, which hints at a sunny day. To the right, the outlined spires of other distant buildings pierce the skyline, suggesting a dense historical cityscape.The church is ensconced in lush greenery, signaling the bloom of spring. Trees with varied shades of green, possibly touched by the light, flank the building, and their leaves look tender and fresh. In the foreground, softer, blurred strokes of green and hints of flowers suggest a garden or park area—a typical element for the season and location. The sky above is painted with broad strokes of blue and wisps of white clouds, enhancing the overall serene yet lively setting typical of a spring day. This artwork not only depicts the architectural beauty of Vilnius but also conveys the vividness and vitality of the city in spring.


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I currently live and work in Vilnius.

In 1978 I entered the Faculty of Architecture of Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute (now VGTU), majoring in architecture. In 1983 I received my diploma thesis and graduated.

I went to live and work in Kaunas. I worked at the Urban Construction Design Institute, Kaunas branch.  I took part in the activities of Kaunas Young Architects' Union, architectural competitions. In 1987 I returned to Vilnius. Since 1993 I have been working as a lecturer at the Architecture Department of Vilnius Construction Technical College (now the College of Technology and Design). I taught architectural drawing, architectural design, history of architecture and art, and later, with the emergence of new specialisations, I taught interior design and graphic design to students, encouraging their creative activity.

I've been studying art since I was a teenager. I attended the Vilnius Four-Year Art School.  In 1977 I graduated from this school with a diploma thesis. I continued my art studies at the Art Department of the Faculty of Architecture. I studied architectural drawing, painting and sculpture. As a student, I liked to draw and paint the old architecture of Vilnius.

I started painting 20 years ago. When I found a free hour, at the weekend or on holiday by the sea, I started to paint watercolours. I created a lot of works in a homestead in the village of Rubikiai - Anykščiai district.

I draw inspiration from nature. I paint from the first impression, I try to convey the feeling of the moment. I like to paint landscapes, Vilnius Old Town, still life. I create compositions based on plants and flowers. I use various painting techniques: traditional watercolour, acrylic, oil painting, oil pastel.

I am currently participating in the activities of the artists' group "Feniksas", painting plein-air paintings and exhibitions. Some of the works were created during the plein air workshops. I organise exhibitions of my work. Since 2019 I am a member of the Lithuanian Folk Artists Union.