Cirque du Soleil II

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 65x80 cm

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The painting captures a vibrant circus scene, focused on two cheerful performers in the spotlight. The male performer wears a playful expression, his eyes wide with excitement, dressed in a classic circus outfit featuring a bright red top hat and a tailored jacket with golden accents, white shirt, and a bold red bow tie. He is surrounded by a flurry of magically floating playing cards, which he seems to be juggling with a flick of his wrists, enhancing the dynamic and whimsical atmosphere.Beside him, a female performer bursts with laughter, her joy infectious. She is dressed in a matching red and gold costume, suggestive of traditional circus attire, accentuating her slender figure. She grips a swing or pole with one hand, raised high above her, which adds a sense of movement and grace to the scene.Overall, the background is dark, making the bright colors of the costumes, the red and gray balloons, and the scattered playing cards pop vividly, drawing the viewer into this moment of enchanting circus delight.


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Painting in the interior

1cm = 14,5cm

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Serghei Ghetiu, a Moldovan-born artist who now lives in Klaipėda, Lithuania, has a place of honour in our gallery among the most popular realists.

Although the artist himself says that he does not want to stick to one genre, he is interested in capturing different things on canvas, and lately his work has been dominated by portraits, and most of the time we see women and dancers. Through their poses, facial expressions and looks, the author tries to convey an emotional state, a feeling, what is going on inside a person. In Serghei Ghetiu's work, realism does not mean a cold, mechanical replication of reality at all - on the contrary, it is perfectly suited for capturing the slightest flicker of a face, the smallest nuance. Although the author loves details, he does not play with them or overload his paintings. You will notice that the details are usually mostly in the human face, in the dramatically falling folds of the garment, while for the background, the artist chooses a more expressive, looser technique - this combination not only helps to convey the mood even better, but also does not tire the eye, and helps to bring out the highlights.

This combination of realistic and free painting makes Serghei Ghetiu's work look great in both contemporary and classical interiors.

In the American Arts Award 2021, Gheti Gheti won 6 prizes per category:

Category:IMPRESSIONISM - HUMAN - 1st Place "Je Suis Ballerine III" 60x75cm Oil on canvas.

Category:PORTRAIT OF SOMEONE NOT FAMOUS - 1st Place-Tie "The Birdman Mime" 75x60cm Oil on canvas.

Category:OIL - H

American Arts Award 2021 winner in following categories:

Category: IMPRESSIONISM - HUMAN - 1st Place "Je Suis Ballerine III" 60x75cm Oil on canvas.

Category: PORTRAIT OF SOMEONE NOT FAMOUS - 1st Place-Tie "The Birdman Mime" 75x60cm Oil on canvas.

Category: OIL - HUMAN FIGURE - 2nd Place "Lost In The Rain" 65x80cm Oil on canvas.

Category: REALISM OR IMPRESSIONISM - LANDSCAPE WITH LIFE - 2nd Place-Tie "Catch Me If You Can!" 75x60cm Oil on canvas.

Category: IMPRESSIONISM - HUMAN - 3rd Place-Tie "The Girl With The Eyes Of The Whole World" 50x60cm Oil on canvas.

Category: EXPRESSIONISM - HUMAN FIGURE - 4th Place-Tie "I Will Write Your Name With Rain!" 65x80cm Oil on canvas.