Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 90x70 cm

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The painting depicts an abstract interpretation of a festive scene. Dominated by vibrant pinks and deep blues, the canvas is divided into segments that suggest different facets of celebration. On the left, there are rose-tinted geometric shapes resembling flags or bunting, arranged sequentially, enhancing the sense of a party or gathering. These shapes have a satin-like texture, indicating a soft, almost fabric-like quality. Just beneath, adding to the festivity, is a large, glossy pink ribbon that evokes a gift or a special occasion.The central part of the painting presents a stark contrast with a vertical section painted white, resembling a door or a divider, which separates the color-saturated left portion from a more chaotic and dark right portion. This right side explodes into a cosmic array of black speckled with vibrant hues—dots and dashes of whites, yellows, reds, and blues suggest confetti or fireworks. This part of the painting conveys a dynamic, almost moving blur of colors, resembling a night sky during a jubilant celebration.Overall, the painting oscillates between structured celebration elements and spontaneous bursts of joy, embodying a moment of vibrant festivity captured in abstract form.


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Gabrielė Šermukšnytė is a young generation figurative painter with a recognizable style. The artist explores the wrong sides of the pop culture, ironically criticizes decadence of contemporary society and shows its merciless reflection. 

In Gabrielė’s creative work, wounds of the society are presented with the softness of the velvet, picking the sores with sweet painting rhetoric. Her creative style is defined by a reddish and brownish color palette, vanishing and emerging brush-stroke, scrupulous attention to the details. 

The author uses the symbol of a mirror to unravel the seams of the wrong side. The mirror is turned in front of the self-destructive worlds face, lifted in front of the artist and the viewer, rotated between reality and illusion. Theme of reflection has appeared in Gabrielė’s personal exhibitions The Bird Will Fly Out Soon (2015), Reflection (2014), Two Sides of the Mirror (2014). This theme is rethought and appears in the paintings as a frame imposed by the society, surroundings of vanity, reflection of an audiovisual epoch, or as a symbol of subconsciousness. 

Figures in Gabrielė’s paintings - fairytale characters, plastic mannequins, beings between a human and an object - are in a constant state of waiting. The time in space, filled with the surreal and impossibly sweet luxury, is standing still. Although questions about todays problems are raised, the spacetime of the artworks, it seems, reaches the viewer from a different time and a different reality. The audience recognizes the elements of the pop culture and is drawn into a dream or a mirage-like story told by the painted imagery. 

The concept of beauty in Gabrielė’s creative work has different meanings and purpose. She looks at the beauty with irony, creating a lush projection of mass culture and presenting it back to the society. The viewer is immersed into a constant game and invitation to solve the riddles and to guess what the cards have shown this time. 

Gabrielė Šermukšnytė (b. 1990) has gained BA and MA in Painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Became a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association in 2016. Has presented several personal exhibitions, participated in more than ten group exhibitions in Lithuania, India, The Netherlands, and in plein-airs in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania