Cosmic Eggs II

Technique: Mixed technique
Dimensions: 30x24 cm
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The painting depicts an abstract, vase-like figure against a rich navy blue background. The central object, rendered in black, is adorned with intricate golden patterns and motifs that suggest a blend of organic and mystical elements. This vase shape is topped with a bunch of fine, thread-like lines splaying outward, resembling wild, untamed hair or tendrils of energy escaping from the vessel. Inside the vase, various forms that recall botanical life—stalk-like structures and floating, eye-like orbs—create a sense of an inner, hidden world. A singular white circle at the center acts possibly as a focal point or an emblem of energy or life. Below the main image, connected by a thin, string-like line, is a smaller, round form decorated with similar motifs, giving the impression of being a seed or a smaller being related to the larger form above. The overall composition conjures themes of growth, energy, and mystical life forms spanning from traditional symbolism to fantastical imaginations.


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Paintings were born from the silence space, which opened in me from childhood, when I was looking for the answers - who I am and what I am doing here... They where born the same way as sometimes awake poetry, prose or any other musical composition inside me...

There is only here and now,
nor closer, nor further,
nor sooner or later.

The point in the infinity,
infinity in the point-
everything and nothing together...

If you are in that point,
only here - infinity
opens in it.

If you are who you are,
and you are where you are-
you calm down,
you be nothing and everything.