On the Wave

Technique: Watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 42x29,7 cm
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In the painting "On the Wave" by Ainura Batyrova, a solitary sailboat is depicted battling tumultuous seas. The sailboat, tilted by the force of the wind, cuts through a large wave, suggesting motion and struggle. The sky above is a mélange of heavy gray and white clouds, with hints of blue peering through and a splash of golden yellow highlighting the turmoil. The sea reflects the stormy sky with deep blues and greens, energetically swirling around the boat. The brushwork conveys both the texture of the foamy ocean waves and the dynamic, unsettled weather, encapsulating a moment of nature's unpredictable power.


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Ainura Batyrova, born in 1970, is a folk artist and a teacher.

"To me art is the shelter to hide from reality. Reality is okay, but not for long. Color and only color is the most important to me."

The artist does not like to talk much about herself, her thoughts are better expressed in the drawing. Everyday life moments, still lifes and landscapes are the artist 's beloved topics that enchant the viewer and make us look at the world around us in a different way. Light brush strokes and earthy tones help the artist to convey the depicted moment without escaping from reality, using the chosen means of expression.