Armenian Street

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 65x92 cm
Year of creation: 2023

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In the painting, a rustic, somewhat whimsical scene unfolds, set against a backdrop of a large, peculiarly shaped building with curved walls that hint at a cylindrical structure, perhaps a silo or old-fashioned farmhouse. The building appears almost animate with placements of windows that suggest eyes and a mouth, giving it a face-like appearance. Its walls are a mottled mix of orange and white, suggestive of wear and the passage of time, and a lone telephone pole stands oddly near, contributing to an old-world rural vibe.The forefront of the scene is dominated by an ox-drawn wooden cart. The ox, rendered in shades of gray and white, moves steadfastly to the right, its horns prominent and its body powerfully built. A figure sits on the cart, cloaked in traditional attire, possibly a long overcoat or a robe in vivid blue, which adds a pop of color to the otherwise earthy tones of the scene. This person's presence exudes a calm diligence, perhaps a farmer or a local villager going about their daily tasks.To the left, another figure, smaller and also donned in darker blue, stands by the building's door which is a striking red, adding another splash of color and perhaps symbolizing warmth or shelter. The ground is a soft green, indicating grass or a patchy rural road, and above, the sky swirls with expressive brushstrokes of blue and white, suggesting a lively, windy day.Overall, the painting emanates a serene yet lively depiction of rural life, possibly capturing an everyday moment in an Armenian village, filled with traditional charm and a touch of whimsy.


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Jonas Daniliauskas, a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association and a recognized creator by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, is an artist known for his consistency and continuity in his work. His artistic journey is not governed by a desire for constant novelty but rather by a commitment to authentic creation, often finding himself exploring similar compositions until an inner necessity compels change.

Daniliauskas aims for expressive power through minimal means. Over the years, his approach to art has evolved. Many motifs and themes from his youth persist, but his perspective has changed. His work has grown brighter, with fewer tragic and dark accents, reflecting a gentler perspective.

With a deep appreciation for the beauty of everyday life, his art frequently features scenes of love, solitude, unity between humans and nature, and the disappearing rural life. He doesn't shy away from painting the unpleasant aspects of life, for he believes that even in ugliness, there are openings for beauty, and unpleasant characters can have their own poetry.

For Daniliauskas, painting is not an outlet for anger or negative emotions, but more akin to a memory, an island slowly taking form as one drifts away in a boat. He is not an objective observer, meticulously recording reality, but rather an artist who finds inspiration in everyday experiences and encounters.

His work process often involves observation, notetaking of color schemes with pastels, and only then does he paint. This method allows him to maintain a connection to nature without being overly prescriptive.

His works are held in prestigious institutions including the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, the National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art, Tartle, the National Museum of Latvia, and the Tretyakov Gallery. Jonas Daniliauskas continues to be an influential figure in Lithuanian art, known for his deeply personal and evocative style.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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