Lago di Garda Paesaggio IV

Dmitrij Zuj
Technique: Watercolor
Dimensions: 50x40 cm
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Lithuanian Art Gallery
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The painting captures a serene lakeside scene, alive with the vibrant energy of a sunny day at Lago di Garda. Two lush trees frame the composition, their leaves shimmering in various shades of green and yellow, suggesting the gentle movement of a light breeze. Beneath these trees, a cobblestone path skirts the lake’s edge, inviting the viewer’s eye to wander leisurely toward the background.On the path, a lone bicycle leans against a stone wall, hinting at the presence of someone absorbing the scenery or perhaps taking a respite from a ride. The lake itself, depicted in striking shades of blue, serves as a playground for various small boats and swimmers, adding a dynamic element to the tranquil landscape.Across the water, the rugged cliffs rise steeply, their craggy surfaces painted in neutral tones that contrast beautifully with the vivid water and sky. The distance is softened by a slight haze, giving depth to the scene and amplifying the majesty of the towering mountains which shelter the lake.Near the water’s edge, groups of people enjoy the refreshing environment. Some are immersed in the water, while others are visible on the shore, engaged in leisure activities or simply soaking in the beauty of the surroundings. The overall atmosphere conveyed by the artist is one of peaceful coexistence with nature, characterized by both tranquility and leisurely activity.


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Although Dmitrij Zuj is a watercolour painter, drawing plays a large role in his work. Whether it's the rooftops of the city, fields in bloom, or the rolling dunes, the artist not only masterfully arranges the composition, but also draws each leaf or roof tile. These works are particularly fascinating for their detail - the longer you look, the more you see. The artist is very fond of depicting cities, including his native Vilnius, but he is always looking for new angles that no one has noticed yet, and his gaze is always romantic and looking for beauty.

The artist introduces himself: "I was born and grew up in Vilnius, in an artist's family. Although I have been surrounded by art and creativity since childhood, I did not choose this path myself. For a long time I worked in the advertising field - urban design, brands, and was interested in interior and landscape design. But painting has always been a hobby.

The first technique I tried was pastel. Later, watercolour caught my attention and has remained the main technique I use ever since. I am constantly interested in new applications of this technique, and I continue to learn on my own from my friends and foreign watercolour masters.

I travel a lot in Lithuania and abroad. I admire the sights of the cities and places I see, and the impressions I experience are put down on paper.

I am proud that my works have been acquired by private collectors from Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Poland, etc.

I will be delighted if my work finds a place in your home."