Technique: Watercolor on paper
Dimensions: 39x59 cm
Year of creation: 2017
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In the serene watercolor painting titled "Farmstead" by Anatolijus Ščiogolevas, we see a quaint rural setting depicted with a gentle, pastel palette. The foreground features a rustic, wooden cart with thin, delicate spokes on the wheels, suggesting a quiet life of practicality and simplicity. This cart rests beside a lush patch of grass, hinting at the fertility of the land.To the left, a log cabin built from rough-hewn timbers, with a roof that extends out to form a shelter, stands as a testament to rural craftsmanship. A vibrant red and white striped barrel sits just beside the cabin, adding a pop of color to the earthy tones of the scene. An assortment of tools leans against the cabin, indicating ongoing work or maintenance.On the right, there is another building, slightly obscured by the central cart, equipped with an open door and what appears to be a ladder propped against its side, suggesting a storage or perhaps a secondary dwelling.In the background, the painting opens up to a broad, expansive field bounded by a line of trees. The field gently rolls towards a hazy, distant horizon where a lone haystack and a hint of blue skies suggest an early morning or a late afternoon setting. Soft shadows and dappled sunlight create a peaceful, almost timeless atmosphere.Overall, the artwork captures the essence of a pastoral lifestyle, embracing the beauty and tranquility of nature intertwined with human habitation and labor.


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I was born and raised in Vilnius. During my high school years, I attended the Vilnius four-year children's art school, where I received instruction in the fundamentals of art from renowned Lithuanian artists such as Ignas Budrys, Igoris Piekuras, Antanas Kmieliauskas, and others.

Upon graduating from the Faculty of Construction at the Vilnius Institute of Engineering Construction (now Gediminas Technical University), I acquired the title of engineer designer. My professional career focused on glass-metal constructions, while my leisure time was dedicated to my passion for drawing and painting. Even after a day's work, I consistently find myself reaching for a brush, always keeping a sketch pad close at hand. I actively participate in exhibitions, consistently sharing my artistic endeavors.

My preference lies in watercolor painting, employing traditional techniques. My subjects range widely, from urban and rural landscapes to still lifes and flowers. I am proud to be a member of the Union of Lithuanian Folk Artists, affiliated with the art studio "Paletė," and the artists' club "Plekšnė." Additionally, I am a member of the Union of Artists.

Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Association Member