Landscape No. 3

Technique: Acrylic, paper
Dimensions: 21x29,7 cm
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The painting presents a serene yet moody landscape dominated by a vast, reflective body of water, possibly a lake or a wide river. The water displays subtle gradients of blue and white, suggesting a gentle disturbance on the surface, perhaps by a soft breeze. On the horizon, a dense forest lines the bank, casting dark silhouettes against a lighter background. The trees are tall and closely packed, with some variety in height, forming an almost uninterrupted wall of foliage.Above the landscape, the sky monopolizes much of the scene with its dramatic and tumultuous clouds. These clouds, rendered in shades of gray and white, seem heavy and almost tactile, as if they're pressing down on the world below. Breaks in the clouds hint at a setting or a struggling sun, sending soft beams that faintly illuminate patches of the sky and water. The interaction between light and shadow plays a critical role in setting the mood of the painting, contributing to an atmosphere of tranquility tinged with somber contemplation. The colors used are predominantly cool, which adds to the overall melancholy yet beautiful ambiance of the landscape.


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The themes of my artworks are very broad. It ranges from a heavy abstractions and expressive florals to a delicate watercolor landscapes. I tend to create very impulsively and under the influence of the current moment or emotion. Monotony does not define me. The plot of my artworks is quite wide, yet all my work is united by one thing and one thing only – it’s the nature and its elements.

I found mother nature to be the greatest source of my inspiration. It’s mind blowing how multi-layered it is. How many various textures, colour dynamics, unexpected shapes and line combinations you can find in it. On top of that, silence and tranquillity at any point in nature’s transformation is overwhelming. It’s the place where life and death happen quietly and without an unnecessary struggle.

So am I in my creative work. I intuitively go where inspiration takes me and immerse myself in it with all my being. I create with inner silence without any preconceptions or resistance.

Albertas Satkus, Lithuanian painter, had a big influence on me as an artist. He encouraged me to be brave and experiment and not to be afraid to boldly mix different techniques. This led to an expressive, quite a strict stroke combined with bright, often contrasting colors.

I paint with acrylic, ink, watercolors and oil pastels. I combine different techniques which allows me to achieve unique effigies, textures, and shapes.

My artworks are exhibited in the galleries across USA and United Kingdom. 

I have sold my pieces to the private collectors from both Lithuania and overseas (USA, United Kingdom and Russia).