Etude Of Shore

Technique: Oil on canvas (2020)
Dimensions: 45x55 cm

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The painting depicts a serene riverside scene at dusk, capturing the gentle play of light on the water's surface. In the foreground, lush green reeds and grass line the bank, leading to a small wooden dock that extends into the river, suggesting a quiet spot for contemplation or fishing. A single wooden post, possibly a remnant of an old fence, leans slightly at the edge of the dock. The river itself, reflecting blues and purples from the sky above, contrasts with the vibrant greens of the shore. Across the river, a dense treeline of various shades of green forms a thick forest, with a hint of an open clearing or beach visible in the distance. The sky, a soft gradient from blue to a hint of orange, indicates either early morning or late evening light, adding a tranquil and somewhat mysterious ambiance to the setting. The whole scene is bathed in a calm, natural light, evoking a sense of peaceful solitude.


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Vaidotas Vankevičius is a portrait, landscape and interior painter based in Vilnius, Lithuania. A direct relation between himself and the object he is painting is very important to him, thus, he only paints real, living objects and does not use photographs as material or aid for his paintings. 

His journey as an artist is a result of a creative calling to become the best realism artist of modern times in Lithuania, and to strive to revive the Lithuanian realism movement, as well as complement it with new works and ideas. In his art, he is inspired by a desire to capture everyday life and its people, occurrences, environment, and surprises. To capture the moment, he works extremely fast and tries to finish his paintings in one or two sessions. The artists who inspire him the most are Diego Velazquez, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and Joaquin Sorolla. Their works are a constant driver and reminder for him to always improve and create.

Education: BA Fresco-mosaic, Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2016-2020

Private lessons with artist Arūnas Jonikas, 2017-2019

Group exhibitions:

2017 Near the door, Curonian Spit History Museum, Nida, Lithuania.

2018 The stories from memory chips, Gallery “Akademija”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Personal exhibitions: 2020 Faith, Užutrakis Mannor, Trakai, Lithuania.

Achievements: I was selected as one of the 100 Lithuanian artists to showcase my art in a 2020 project “Menas be stogo” [Art needs no roof], Vilnius, Lithuania.