Pink Dream

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 50x40 cm
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In the painting "Pink Dream" by Fausta Kybartienė, the viewer is drawn into a vibrant, textured landscape dominated by nature and architecture. The scene is centered around a quaint cottage with a red and taupe facade, nestled amidst lush greenery. The roof of the cottage is depicted in a deep, rusty red, complementing its earthy walls. A myriad of trees envelops the house, their leaves painted in various shades of green, adding a wild, organic feel to the scene. Behind this serene foreground, stands a striking cathedral, its spires reaching upwards, painted in a blend of white and pale pink hues that catch the light. This gives a dreamlike quality to the building, contrasting with the dense, dark greens of the surrounding foliage. The sky above this serene composition is a mixture of blues and grays, suggesting a dynamic, perhaps stormy, weather, which adds a touch of drama to the otherwise tranquil setting. The overall effect is one of vivid color contrasts and rich texture, creating a lively yet dreamy atmosphere.


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I've always had a dream to paint and draw for as long as I can remember. But because of lack of confidence, lack of time, I had this dream so deeply buried in my subconscious that for many years it was even forgotten. I was more concerned about my studies, my family, my children, my work, my home life.

Although I never picked up a paintbrush, I was always "near art". It was the way of life that almost all the women in my family and relatives were always doing something beautiful - weaving, knitting, sewing - alongside their everyday work. They were professional folk artists. That's why I am also familiar with all these handicrafts. I grew up among mountains of yarns, patterns, looms, dyes and colours. That was my daily routine. 

I started painting recently, and it was a really timid start. To gain more confidence and to avoid reinventing the wheel, the first thing I decided to do was to study at the Kaunas A. Martinitis Art School. It took me four years to complete my initial studies. The years spent among famous artists of Lithuania proved to me that not only can I paint, but also that this occupation gives me happiness and endless pleasure, that painting is not a fleeting fascination.

After graduating from art school, I continue to explore the subtleties of painting, trying to find out the secrets of art at the VDA KF. I take part in plein-air exhibitions.

In my paintings you can see what surrounds me, what I live by, what makes me happy.

I find painting in nature the most enjoyable. Only here I can see the subtlety of natural colours, unexpected colour combinations.