Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 30x30 cm
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This engaging painting portrays a delightful scene featuring a large, joyful face dominating the composition. The head is bald with expressive squiggles that seem to radiate outward, suggesting a dynamic, energetic hair style. Cheeks are rosy and a small, simple nose sits above a cheerful smile. A fanciful shirt adorned with star patterns cloaks the shoulders. To one side, a whimsical character that seems to be a bird, decked out in a brown cap and an orange swirl around its neck, is perched contentedly on what appears to be the person's hand, offering a cozy, intimate interaction. The background is a soft, textured canvas of sky blue, with brushstrokes creating a sense of open space, and scattered, stylized golden leaves float gently around, adding a magical, airy feel to the scene. The lower part of the image shows layered, darker blue-green hues that may suggest a grassy hillock or a distant horizon line, lit by specks of soft white and yellow lights, enhancing the dreamlike, serene quality of the painting.


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Giedre's work is colourful, populated by bright and cheerful characters from the childhood - it is no coincidence that the artist has already illustrated more than 30 children's books.

The artist's canvases, painted in bright colours, naturally attract everyone's eye with their decoration and detail, and delight in transporting them to the world of fairy tales, which they may have forgotten. It allows you to relax and fantasise a little.

As the artist herself says, the search for new technical solutions to reveal a desired moment in life is one of the many factors that influence her work. 

2006, 2007 - participated in Litexpo Book Days 

2008 - Presentation of graphic art and book illustrations in Kėdainiai at the exhibition "For Children and Not Only". 

2009 - Participated in "Fairy Tale Project" 

2009 Participated in the "Book Art" exhibition 

2010 Exhibition "Moments" at the Kėdainiai Multicultural Centre