Mythological Landscape

Technique: Acrylic, oil, canvas
Dimensions: 13x30 cm
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In the painting "Mythological Landscape" by Marius Abramavičius Neboisia, a tapestry of vibrant and contrasting textures and colors unfolds, depicting a fantastical scene. The left portion of the piece features an ethereal, waterscape setting, marked by delicate, sail-like structures that resemble ships, navigating through blue, dreamlike waters among triangular, mountain-like forms towering in the background. These geological formations, painted in whites and deep blues, lend a cool, serene atmosphere to this section of the canvas.Transitioning towards the right, the scene morphs dramatically into a warmer, more organic palette, dominated by reds, yellows, and oranges. Here, an abstract depiction of a humanoid face emerges, characterized by closed eyes painted with thick lashes, and a tranquil expression. The eyes are a central element, resonating a sense of calm introspection. Beneath these eyes, the textures and colors soften, suggesting perhaps the gentle curve of cheeks or a nose, with circular motifs that might represent ornamental decorations or natural elements integrated into the mythic narrative of the landscape.Overall, the painting juxtaposes the cool tranquility of a mystical maritime journey with the warm, serene visage of a figure, possibly a deity, which infuses the landscape with a sense of mythological depth and contemplative silence. The division of the composition, with its contrasting environments and elements, invites viewers to traverse from a scene of external exploration to one of internal reflection, blending the boundaries between the real and the surreal.


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"How to see the world differently? How can I expand my world view a least a little bit? Scientists believe that a person in ordinary life uses only 3-5% of his potential resources - he sees only 3-5% of the world, because the rest is invisible, unacceptable, unknown and irrelevant to him," says the artist M. Abramavičius, who proposes to broaden one's vision of the world by seeing the world through his eyes, by touching the perceptible, embodied in colour.

Marius Abramavičius-Neboisia was born in Vilnius, grew up in Vilnius and often lives in Vilnius, but even more often he travels to countries far and near. Marius has had over 60 solo exhibitions in different parts of the world. He likes to build stone verticals, catching the wind with kites and flying huge paintings-flags into the sky.

Today, the painter, photographer, traveller, writer, poet and kite master Marius Abramavičius-Neboisia can be found in Užupis and Tibet, Azerbaijan and Greece. He can be met on soul journeys. 

 "The soul sees wide, sees much more than one is used to seeing in one's everyday life, where we have only 5 per cent of visibility," says Abramavičius_Neboisia, "The sense of the cosmic spaces of the soul accompanies me not only at night when I am looking at the starry sky, but also in the time of everyday life when I am looking at the space of life. This space expands the context of life. Look and let yourself in, or dive into the depths of the painting and experience," the artist suggests.

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania