Light of Happiness

Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 75x80 cm

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In the painting "Light of Happiness" by Gintaras Gesevičius, the scene is a surreal and vibrant landscape, marked by a dynamic interplay of colors and forms. The foreground features two abstract, dark structures with fiery orange and yellow hues at their base, resembling a sudden, intense blaze. These structures anchor a swirling mass of misty gray and white forms that dominate the central portion of the canvas. Within this mist, hints of various colors—blues, greens, pinks, and purples—merge and emerge chaotically, suggesting movement and transformation.Above this central turmoil, the background is calmer, featuring a deep green-blue expanse that could be interpreted as a night sky. Scattered across it are several pale orbs and a singular, bright white star or light source that shines intensely. This star adds a focal point of brilliance, drawing the eye and potentially symbolizing hope or guidance amidst the surrounding confusion. The overall effect is one of dynamic contrast, where calm and chaos coexist, bound by the artist's vivid imagination and bold use of color.


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The first time Gintaras Gesevičius' works are seen, the same thought comes to everyone's mind - "Like Čiurlionis!". The author is truly inspired by both the works and thoughts of the famous artist. The artist himself says that Čiurlionis' words "I must find the light within myself, so that others, standing in darkness, may see it and find it within themselves and follow the path indicated by God" is his motto, and that the search for this inner light, for inner happiness, is the main theme of his works. 

Gintaras Gesevičius says that he does not picture what he sees, but rather what he dreams. His canvases show fantastic landscapes, where you will often see Čiurlionian pyramids and unrecognisable celestial bodies, but here, unlike in Čiurlionis' works, everything is bright, expressive, with more decorative elements. G. Gesevich's works are extremely optimistic, the light he speaks of is reflected in his palette and is often seen in rays of light within the composition itself.

Born in Kaunas in 1952.

Graduated from Kaunas School of Art in 1970.

In 1970-76 he studied at the Vilnius Art Institute and graduated as a graphic designer.

Since 1976 participates in professional art exhibitions.

Since 1980 member of the Lithuanian Union of Artists.

1992-93m. Chairman of the Graphic Art Section of the LDS.

In 2005 he was granted the status of an artist.

Since 2020 Member of the Council of the LDS.

Participated in dozens of international exhibitions of graphics, posters and paintings (Lithuania, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, USA, Russia, Estonia, France, Japan, etc.), where his work was awarded diplomas and prizes (GRAND PRIX in the Baltic Poster Exhibition in 1992).

He has held numerous (over a hundred) solo exhibitions in Lithuania (at the LDS galleries "Pamėnkalnio", "Arkos", Panevėžys "XX", Kaunas "Meno parkas", Šiauliai, Klaipėda "Baroti", Vilnius Town Hall, Druskininkai "Sofa", etc., etc., etc.) as well as abroad (in Denmark, Mexico, the USA, Latvia, Russia, etc.).

Participated and worked on projects ("Let it be!"-Vilnius Central Post Office, Painting+Music+Word in Utena,

"Akcija -Labanoras" at the Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology, "Evoliucija" at the Švenčionys Nalshaos Museum, etc.).

The works have been aquired by Lithuanian National Art Museum, LTB, Vilniaus bankas, Domus Optima, Utenos trikotažas, Kodak, VMI, Ministry of Finance, Art collectors gallery and more... Private collectors from Lithuania, the Netherlands, France, the UAE, Mexico, the U.A.V., Denmark, Russia and other countries.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania