The Price of Peace

Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 50x40 cm
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Lithuanian Art Gallery
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In the foreground, a cloaked figure stands with their back to us, gazing out at an expansive scene. The robe, deep blue, drapes gracefully, enveloping the figure whose identity remains hidden. In one hand, the figure clutches what appears to be a staff. Around the figure’s feet, a field of vibrant red and orange plants breathes life into the scene, suggesting a landscape that, while beautiful, is tinged with somber undertones.Above this mysterious figure, the sky transforms dramatically. Dark, tumultuous clouds swirl in the upper portion of the painting, their dynamic forms painted with a realism that contrasts with the otherwise ethereal quality of the piece. Notably, these clouds are disrupted by an incongruous element: a bright white barcode floats amid the billowing darkness, its stark, artificial nature interrupting the natural flow of the scene. This barcode seems to tether the heavenly and earthly realms in a commentary perhaps on commercialism, control, or loss of identity.The overall atmosphere is one of profound contemplation and melancholic beauty, interwoven with a poignant critique of modern society. The painting compels the viewer to dwell on the symbolism and the narrative possibly hinted by the suggestive title, "The Price of Peace," sparking questions about the costs, both seen and unseen, of societal and personal tranquility.


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"I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I use themes of symbolism and surrealism in my work.

Breton put forward the idea that art should be unconscious. In my work, I try to break the boundary between dream and reality, to place visual elements in contrasting contexts, so that the viewer can filter the uncharacteristic image through his or her own worldview and create an interpretation," the artist introduces herself. 

The essential element of the artist's work is the unexpected, surprise. Seeing drooping eyes, fish, a skull or another element out of context in a traditional landscape makes the viewer pause, take a second look, and make sure his eyes are not playing tricks. In this way, the viewer is invited to rethink what he sees and to look for parallels between the dissonant objects.